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It's Your Thing


The Isley Brothers

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This was the first hit the Isleys wrote and produced themselves. It was also the first release on the revived T-neck Record label. The Isley's own label, they formed T-neck in 1964 but gave it up to join Motown a year later.
In an interview on The Isley Brothers: Summer Breeze Greatest Hits Live DVD, Ronald Isley says he wrote this song while dropping his daughter off at school one day. He didn't want to forget the lyrics so he hummed it in his head and rushed straight to his mother's house to write it out. He sang it for his eldest brother Kelly, who thought it to be a hit, so they set up studio time to record it.
In an interview with Ernie Isley on the same DVD, he says this song was vocally performed and recorded on the first take. He says this was the first record he was featured on as the bass player at age 16. He originally was supposed to be one of the two drummers featured on the song, but was told to play bass at the last second because Ronald said he liked the way he played it better than the hired musician. Ernie also says that he played this song in complete "fear" because he had never recorded as a bass player. (thanks, Rudy - bako, CA)
In the US, this was The Isley Brothers' biggest hit. It sold over 2 million copies.
This won the Grammy for best R&B vocal by group or duo in 1970.
This was the first song to feature the 2 youngest Isley Brothers, Ernie and Marvin. Along with their cousin, Chris Jasper, their studio jam provided a better rhythm section than the session musicians they were using. They were then allowed to join The Isley Brothers on stage.
This prompted a lawsuit from Motown's Berry Gordy, who claimed he owned the song. The court case went on for 18 years, before a federal judge ruled that The Isley Brothers had recorded it after the Motown contract had lapsed. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England)
Salt 'N Pepa with EU used this on their song "Shake Your Thang." It had different lyrics, but the same refrain line melody. (thanks, Jeff - Scottsdale, AZ)
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Comments (3):

I don't see Curtis Pope's name on(It's your Thing)
It was a head session.. George Paco Patterson and I Colaborated on those famous horn lines...complimenting each other... as we always did.It's registered with the union.Those cromatics are
my signature..I've always use them...
for so much money made on that song... over the would think I would have my props..
on that session was George Patterson, Curtis Pope, Charles Skip Pitts,Elbert Woody Woodson,Drums, Herb Rooney ..he was the key to connections in NYC . (George Moreland) didn't play on it's Your Thing..he didn't start recording till later.I no who every one was, and is.
- curtis pope, dc, DC
In 1970, the Isleys financed an independent film titled "It's Your Thing", a concert movie documenting their triumphant performance at Yankee Stadium in 1969.
- John, Nashville, TN
You can tell that they really burned this tape hot (to put the VU meters in the red) as there is a lot of tape "hiss" going on. Very bold and very effective.
- Kevin, Seattle, WA
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