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Holiday Road


Lindsey Buckingham

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This song has become a familiar road song in the United States. It was the biggest solo hit for Lindsey Buckingham after he left Fleetwood Mac. The song was released as a single and not part of Buckingham's own LP's. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA)
This song was featured in the 1983 Chevy Chase movie National Lampoon's Vacation. It was also used in 2 of 3 sequels: 1985's National Lampoon's European Vacation and 1997's Vegas Vacation.
Lindsey Buckingham
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Comments (11):

This song also made it to an episode in the first season of the US version of Top Gear. The hosts of the show (Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust, and Adam Ferrara) were testing 3 cars from the General Motors division for the episode.
- Phil, Neenah, WI
To Paul Murphy in Garden City,N.Y.:not only do they have a dog barking but they have the dog's bark looped so it sounds as if the dog is barking in perfect rhythm with the song. That is even cooler!!!
I thought it sounded like it might be Beverly D'Angelo on backup and came here to find out if it was true. Still don't know.
- Jack, Mesa, AZ
Beverly D'Angelo worked as a singer. It could be her. I'd like to know too
- Mark, Plymouth, MN
i love this song! national lampoon's vacation is my favorite movie!
- cynthia, scranton, PA
Buckingham liked to play around with a voice oscillator, which raises or lowers the pitch of a singer's voice in his songs- such as Big Love (read it in Mick Fleetwood's first book). While I don't know for sure, I suspect that's where the "ooooh" part came from. That voice sounds very, very similar to the "ohs" in Big Love.
- Carly, Angola, IN
i read somewhere that this was one of george harrisons favourite songs
- joe, perth, Australia
First time I saw NL Vacation and heard this song, I HAD to have it. I recorded it straight from tv speaker to portable cassette. Of course, this was before the soundtrack was released. It sounded like crap but at least I could heard it without the movie.
- Richard, Talladega, AL
I have a version of the song with a dog barking at the end of the cool is that.
- Paul Murphy, Garden City, NY
I've always thought the same thing. She does sing in some of the movies, so it wouldn't surprise me.
- Mark B. Stoned, Desperate Hot Springs, CA
Has anyone ever noticed that the backup vocalist who sings "ohhh" (take a look at the lyrics and you'll see where it occurs) sounds very much like Beverly D'Angelo...or is it my imagination getting the best of me?
- Jerro, New Alexandria, PA
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