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Matchbox Twenty

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This was written by Matchbox Twenty lead singer Rob Thomas. On the live DVD Show, he explains that this song is about people who are "F--ked up and feel alone like that," adding, "We all feel a little f--ked up sometimes... you're not alone." (thanks, Mike - Wareham, MA)
In an interview with the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Thomas said: "Unwell is about having a despondent relationship with yourself. In the end, it's a positive song, because you come to terms with the fact you're not crazy."
Matchbox Twenty
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Comments (14):

I Love this song
- Emmy, bellville, ON
Wonderful song.It reminds us to treat everyone with compassion and kindness.It also is a reminder that there are reasons why everyone is the way thay are.
- Martin, Fresno, CA
First time I heard this song i was tweeking really bad. Not only did I think they were watching me but I thought they were singing about me too.
- Dave, Bend, OR
I love this song. I first heard it in a store and started crying. It reminded me so much of my life. I have Disorganized Schizophrenia. It is such a good song. I feel like saying that to people all the time . Saying I'm not crazy, please just take the time to get to know me. Then you'll see, I'm just sick. Then I heard that song and it was like they were reading my mind. I cannot say enough praise for this song. Maybe someone does understand me! 8)
- Phantom, Danville, KY
Matchbox Twenty has to be my FAVORITE band! This is my fav. MB20 song, this and If You're Gone. Its awesome, Rob Thomas is AMAZING! He's such a good writer, his voice is awesome. There has never been a MB20 song I didn't like. Love them. :)
- Valerie, Vancouver, BC
Really good song from Matchbox Twenty. It would fit in perfectly with season six of House.
- Doctor Gregory House, Princeton-Plainsboro, NJ
it has to do with Rob Thomas's paranoia. it puts an exact feeling perfectly into words.
- hope, naperville, IL
This song is about feeling alone or isolated from the rest of the world because they see you as not
all there. I can relate.
- J.R., Crowville, WA
this song relates to the ups and downs of my life and most people's. im bipolar, but i think of it more as a gift than a disorder. this song makes me look at myself when im on a down and realize that it is just a phase, and it always puts a smile on my face to know that there is hope.
- ryan, orlando, FL
This is one of the many great songs by Matchbox, the lyrics alone mean everything to me. When I first heard this song I realized it's the epitome of my life. The life of a schizophrenic. You wouldn't understand from this point of view unless you had this hellish sickness yourself. The lyrics fit right into the puzzle.
- Steve, Boston, MA
I love this song! I can relate to it. It was the first song I ever heard by Matchbox 20 and it got me totally hooked on them!!!
- kitty, Vancouver, BC
I'll go with the songfacts, who could argue.

I think if you can at all relate to the song, well, you know you're f'd up.

Having been in this position for the past 12 months, and having just discovered the song, all I can say is it is uncanny. I know all the reasons why this song relates to me. I know I'm not alone. But, that doesn't make it any easier. It just makes it what it is.

Thanks Rob Thomas, for putting my feelings into words better than I could myself. I've certainly said all the same things, but not quite so eloquently.
- ed, west grove , PA
I think everyone is messed up in the head, some more than others. But I love this song
- Katie, bristol, TN
Great song. It came out during a time in my life when I was a little unwell myself.
- Bryan, Spring, TX
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