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Heartland by The The

Album: InfectedReleased: 1986Charted:
  • In this song Matt Johnson of The The attacks the Right Wing Maggie Thatcher Conservative government of the 1980s, saying they were polarizing Britain to the point of violence by increasing the divisions between the classes. He also expresses his frustration at the UK's subservience to the US, saying Great Britain is the 51st state of the USA.
  • Matt Johnson said later of this song on the The The website: "I suppose in a way that song was ahead of its time because the Americanization of Britain seems to have accelerated rapidly since then. You see and read about it commented on more and more, just about how much our little island is really losing or has lost."
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Comments: 3

We are a group of enthusiastic THE THE fans.
If you're also a fan, then join us and exchange your ideas.
Perhaps a growing fan base is a small step to experience THE THE "live on stage" someday!
M├╝llmannlive - Hamburg, Germany
This song was the future and why don't we ever here it anymore???

Suggestions welcome
Paul - Montrose, Scotland
The controversial video for the song was filmed with Matt Johnson singing into a mike in the London sewer system with images flashing up on a video wall behind himDave - Cardiff, Wales
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