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Never Ever


All Saints

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The All Saints were a 4 piece girl group made up of Londoners Melanie Blatt and Shaznay Lewis and Canadian sisters Natalie and Nicole Appleton. During the late 1990s and early 21st century they enjoyed tremendous success in Britain achieving five #1s, this song being the first. They also became renowned for their celebrity boyfriends, Melanie with Stuart Zender from Jamiroquai, Natalie with Liam Howlett of the band The Prodigy (they married in 2002) and Nicole firstly with Robbie Williams, then with Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher, with whom she has had a son Gene.
This was the biggest hit in the States for All Saints. It was also #1 in Australia for 7 weeks.
In the UK this sold 770,000 copies after 9 weeks in the UK charts before hitting #1, the highest ever by any single on its way to the top in UK chart history. It sold 1,254,604 in total, making it the band's biggest seller in UK.
Shaznay Lewis wrote this after splitting up with a boyfriend, but the music conveyed the impression that all would be well. Also credited is Rickidy Raw, the name of the company of 2 R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop producers Sean Mather and Robert "Esmail" Jazayeri. When the song became successful they issued a writ against All Saints, and they were granted 40% of the publishing rights to the track.
Robert Jazayeri based his production of this on the hymn "Amazing Grace." He put it together two years prior to sending the music composition to All Saints. All Saints flew to the US where the song was recorded and produced by Mather and Jazayeri, but due to control issues, London records brought in Cameron McVey to do additional production on the track at London Records request because of time/distance constraints which were present at the time and Cameron's relationship with Shaznay. Jazayeri filed a lawsuit against London Records and All Saints Management which was settled amicably by the parties.
All Saints flew to Washington DC where they recorded the vocals, except for the intro which was recorded at Battery Studios in the UK and were kept from the original demo. This was because the mood could not be replicated and everyone agreed to keep the demo vocals. (thanks to Robert Jazayeri's staff for providing the above information)
The song won 1998 Brit Awards for Best Single and Best Video.
All Saints disbanded acrimoniously in 2001, sisters Nicole and Natalie going on to form the duo Appleton, while Melanie and Shaznay went on to solo careers. All of them have enjoyed limited success since the band split.
Fashion photographer Sean Ellis directed the video in which his bulldog can be seen. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 3)
All Saints
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just the way i like it. song was perfect for my best friend who refuse to talk to me after i get married the fact that we both profess our love for each other.come tot hink opf it it's my fault hmmmp
- ellaira may, manila, Peru
All Saints reformed in 2006, but the new material hit a brick wall commercially and was slammed by the critics
- Dave, Cardiff, Wales
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