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Everlong by Foo Fighters

Album: The Colour And The ShapeReleased: 1997Charted:
  • This song is often interpreted to be about the drug addictions and bad habits of the late Kurt Cobain, who was in Nirvana with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl, who wrote this song. However, according to an interview with Grohl in Mojo magazine, he penned this song during one of the lowest points in his life over Christmas 1996.

    The frontman was sleeping in a sleeping bag on a friend's floor having just gotten divorced from photographer Jennifer Youngblood, and as a consequence was homeless. On top of that Grohl had no access to his own bank account, and both his drummer, William Goldsmith, and guitarist, Pat Smear, were on the verge of quitting the Foo Fighters. In the midst of all this he wrote this love song in about 45 minutes.
  • Dave Grohl said this song is about "being connected to someone so much that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonize perfectly."
  • The song evokes real love, that feeling of shyness, yet excitement, like the first time for anything. It's a feeling that is so strong that you want it to last forever, even though you know nothing ever lasts forever. in the video, Grohl is trying to protect his girlfriend. When he sees that she is in trouble his hand grows abnormally large and beats down anyone that tries to hurt her. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bec - Melbourne, Australia
  • The band performed this on The Late Show With David Letterman on February 21, 2000, when Letterman returned from heart surgery. Letterman explained that the song was important to him during his recovery, and specifically asked for Foo Fighters to perform it on his first night back. The band had to cut short a tour to do it, but they made the appearance and got a ringing endorsement from the host, who introduced them as "my favorite band playing my favorite song." The group became Letterman mainstays, appearing on the show for a whole week in 2014.

    When Letterman did his final show on May 20, 2015, Foo Fighters played this song to close it out, once again getting a stirring introduction from the host. As they played, a montage of memorable moments in Letterman history was shown.
  • According to Grohl, this was the first song he wrote with lyrics that were often quoted back to him by fans. He says the line "Breathe out, so I can breathe you in" really resonated.
  • There is some whispering at the end of the song. It is a combination of three tracks mixed by Dave Grohl. One track is a love letter being read, another is a technical manual, and the third is a story about the father of one of the studio engineers.
  • The music video is partially a parody of the cult horror film Evil Dead. In the movie, which was directed by Sam Raimi (who would go on to direct the Spider-Man films), a group of friends spend the weekend in a cabin only to be attacked by zombies. The parts of the video featuring Dave Grohl as some kind of a superhero with a giant hand (referred to as "Handor" by some fans) have nothing to do with Evil Dead, though. The video was directed by Michel Gondry, who went on to make Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind. Gondry used to have dreams where his hand grew to giant size. >>
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    Eric - Suffern, NY
  • When Grohl first came up with the guitar riff, he thought it was a rip-off of Sonic Youth.
  • Dave Grohl played an acoustic version of this at one of Neil Young's Bridge School benefit concerts. The Bridge School is a program for children with disabilities, and after Grohl performed, he got a standing ovation. It was the closest he ever came to crying on stage.
  • The passionate love Dave Grohl sings about in this song reflects his feelings for his first wife Jennifer when they were at the beginning of their relationship. They were dating for about two years when she moved to Seattle to be closer to Dave (this was in 1994, not long after Kurt Cobain's suicide). The day she moved, he asked her to marry him, and they were wed later that year. Jennifer gave Grohl some stability at a time when he was adrift, but they got married too soon and were divorced two years later. Getting the divorce papers triggered the creative spark for this song and also "Walking After You." That one is more of a woe-is-me heartbreaker about wanting her back, but "Everlong" tapped into the fervor of their young love.
  • The song appeared on Friends episode 7.24, "The One With Chandler And Monica's Wedding." This version, which wasn't played by The Foo Fighters, was used at the end of the episode right after Monica and Chandler were married. >>
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    Viljo - Tampere, Finland
  • In the movie Little Nicky featuring Adam Sandler, you can hear an acoustic version of "Everlong" just before the scene where Nicky falls from Valerie's balcony. >>
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    Vincent - Paris, France
  • A goofy electronic version of this song plays at the beginning of the Foo Fighters "Learn to Fly" video in a scene were Jack Black and Kyle Gass are cleaning an airplane. Dave Grohl had the electronic duo The Moog Cookbook record this version; he had called on their services before when he had them create an alternate version of "Big Me" for the "Monkey Wrench" video.
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Comments: 110

I'm not a huge Foo Fighters fan. I've always respected Dave Grohl as a musician, but was never REALLY into any of his stuff. But this song... this song is one of my all time top favorite songs. It's perfect.Jeff - Austin, Tx
I love when people always try to find a foo fighters song about Kurt Cobain. I dont know if their is a song that they did, but sure as hell isnt everlong or my hero.Cole - Suwanee, Ga
This song is on Little Nicky. :)Jd - Paoli, In
I love this song! The acoustic version is really good too! <3Megan - Stevenson, Al
this is the first song i ever heard by the foos. I love because its got this creepy sad vibe to it...especially in the beginning. lolDrew - Bateville, In
I admit I never really got it so much! my kids got me into it, i'm baffled, how does an 11 yr old relate ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrWA3Fu6wtoAridal - Dublin, Ireland
My favorite song of all times !!!
foo fighters rlz

By the way, I just HATE how they are always trying to relate lyrics of songs of foo fighters with kurt cobain...I mean ..GET OVER IT ...
Mary - Tampico, Mexico
This is my favourite song of all time. I wanna cry every time I hear it. It's so beautiful.
I remember reading an interview where Dave explained that the song describes the kind of love where it's so real that you even find yourself harmonizing perfectly with them when you sing (And I wonder/When I sing along you with you/If everything could ever feel this real forever/If anything could ever be this good again).
The song is NOT about weed/heroin/any other drug, and it's not based on sex. Although, if you do want a Foo song about sex, All My Life is perfect. Tons of Dave-even-said-so innuendos in that one!
Sarah - Clarks Corner, Nb
O, and why does everone try to relate every foo fighters song to grohls experience in nirvana or his friendship with kurt. Not everything grohl writes is about them guys!Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
Love this song. Wayyyyyy better acoustic version, then again i am a sucker for anything acousticCaitlyn - Royersford, Pa
This was on the setlist for my band's first ever live performance. The rush i got from sharing my favorite songs with my friends was euphoric, i'll never forget that day. What a Brilliant song.Ben - Ocean City, Nj
Everyone think back to the first moment they fell in love with music...or you're at your first concert to your favorite band. Now...PAUSE. Remember that? Cause if you don't all you have to do is listen to EverLong. Everlong is that "heroin" in your veins feeling. It runs and flows through me everytime I hear this song. It is that deep. Just pause...remember...and listen.Penny Lane - El Paso, Tx
still wanna know what the whispering was exactlyJosh - Houston, Tx
The best song ever. Always makes think of my gf and me who were really close and recently broke up. I'm only 15 but would love to get a tattoo of the chorus.Garrett - Mt. Pleasant, Sc
This is the kind of song where everyone knows the feeling of what the song is about but it's still a personal feeling in a kind of wayWout - Wevelgem, Belgium
In the video, it's sid vicious & nancy spungen, the 'punk' guy is him dreaming about being sid. he's saving sid's lover, nancy. It's quite obvious. He was wearing the same pin, necklace, had the hair. yeah. that's the part i got in the video.Kitty - Seattle, Wa
My friend's dead girlfriend came to me in this song, as I sat alone in the barn where she killed. Gail was shot in the head upstairs in the loft. Her murder is unsolved. I cried again when I saw the video.Elise - Sfv, Ca
i love this song the first time i heard it was 1998 and i loved itEric - Los Angeles, Ca
It seems very passionate. like love for the wrong reasons. like reading the greatest book ever with bent corners and torn pages. the thing that seems to sum it up is bueatiful flaws thaat's just how I see it.Matt - Houston, Tx
Did you know: FOO FIGHTERS was a term used by WWII pilots to designate UFO's during their fly time.Jeff - Casa Grande, Az
this song's about mary-ju-wana. case closed.Jeff - Casa Grande, Az
The first time I heard Everlong was also the frist time Dave did Everlong acoustically on the Howard Stern show. I immediatly fell in love. This is my favorite version of Everlong to date. YouTube quality doesn't do it justice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0X8udBKO7EIronduke01 - Olmsted Falls, Oh
To me the song means meeting your soul mate, knowing it and hoping that things don't change. Singing together implies/shows intimacy. "You've got to promise not to stop when I say when" is someone's way of telling you when they push you away not to leave because deep down you are right for them.
Regardless...Best Foo Fighter song ever.
Tracy - Tulsa, Ok
ive know the foo to finish most of their concerts with this epic song, but i saw them in concert at the key arena in Seattle in july and they didnt finish with it. for anyone that was there, they played aurora second to last and then i beleive best of you. And it was amazing bc the song took on a whole new meaning when played before aurora, it become one of a "What if?" situation and a little more mystical if you will. give it a shot sometime, aurora can be found off of there is nothing left to lose, track number 5. enjoy and go fooMatt - Coralville, Ia
its one of those songs you have no idea what it means but at the same time know exactly what it meansBrent - Flint, Mi
I have to honestly say this is one of their best work I mean the way the lyrics are placed together. "But, Honestly" is justlike everlong except its in the echoes, silence, patience and grace album.John - Houston , Tx
I think the song is about the idea of capturing a moment, as well as an emotion, in time. It is impossible. Things change, circumstances change, and time changes attitudes. Thus leading to the nostalgia that this song creates. But the song itself refers to the hope that this moment which is great will stay on for as long as possibleNitasha - Irvine, Ca
my favorite song of allllllllllll time!!!!!!! to me, its about loving the feeling you get when you really have hope and faith that things regarding love will actually work out for once and praying and hoping that it will stay that way forever.Lolo Brown - Gertrude, Bahamas
At the beginning of the song it feels like it lights up your heart and even though this sounds cheesy its true. This songs about how love conquers all and is also relevant to sex.John - Houston , Tx
If any of you knew anything about Dave, you'd know that this song was actually written about the love he had for an ex girlfriend, so there!! Your all wrong! Fu*king ausum song!!!Soraya - Jersey, United Kingdom
I love this song as well. I have a tattoo of the chorus on my back. I find it very very powerful and applicable to many aspects of life, not just love.Miya - Seattle, Wa
I think it is obvious what this song is about. My opinion is that it's about a couple who have just become married and have not yet had sex. The song talks about there very first night as a married couple when they have sex.Alex - Aurora, Benin
love both the original and the acoustic versions. Both versions have different things to offer, both kick ass!Dave - Macduff, United Kingdom
"The Whisper"
Apparently Dave scrambled three audio tracks together so as to distort
what you, the listener, hear. To this date, no one has been able
to decipher exactly what is being said, but we do know that one track
is a love letter being read, one track is a technical manual being
read, and the last track is a story about one of the studio technician's
Dana - Regina, Sk
Why the hell does everyone think every song is about Kurt or Nirvana? That's so dumb. Get a grip people.Molly - Tullahoma, Tn
Okay. I totally agree with Kyle from New Bedford. Not all of Dave's songs are about Kurt or Courtney. The meaning is pretty obvious, just listen to the lyrics. It's about how wonderful it feels to be in love and how he doesn't want it to end. Absolutely beautiful song. Definitely top ten (no matter what vh1's greatest songs of the 90's says) Oh by the way, the acoustic version is definitely a thousand times better!Stephanie - St. Peters, Mo
Here is the answer!

In an interview, Dave Grohl commented on the lyrics of Everlong saying they referred to people he thought were heroes to him. But that doesn't exclude Kurt Cobain.
Mark - Charleston, Sc
This is my ex and my "song", according to him. He literally had been "waiting there for me" to come along. So he could dupe me, is my take on it. He didn't want me to stop loving him even when he was abusive and self-destructive. He wanted to find someone to turn him into a real person. Well, I will always love him. But the problem with someone who is determined to jump over a cliff is that if you hold on to them, you end up going over the cliff too.Heather - Cary, Nc
Just a top,top tune. The acoustic version is much better imho,more emotional.Who cares what its about!!Simon - London, England
This song is in my opinion about a relationship at the begining when everything is going great and its still new. the singer is wishing it would always go that way.Hunter - Greensburg, La
I honestly don't think it's too serious and about other people. I think it's about him having sex with a girl whose a virgin, maybe when he was younger and maybe they were losing their virginity together. I don't know. I mean just try to understand it in a more simple way. Just read the lyrics. And I don't think it matters what the song really means, It's about what it means to you and what you feel.Kary - New York, Ny
I agree with Beth in London...this song was written about Louise Post. She is the main inspiration for the song and he wrote it about their "...crazy, retarded, passionate, freak-out relationship" at the time. Grohl also stated that he thought it was a Sonic Youth rip off. The "when I sing along with you" line makes so much more sense! I totally love this song..good stuff.Paul - Austin, Tx
i first heard the song on the radio about a year ago, and then soon after found the acoustic version, which i believe is MUCH better...anyways as far as the meaning goes, my ex and i always concurred that it was about making love to your long-awaited partner..."breathe out, so i can breathe you in"...how friggin sweet is that? like you breathe in the essence of your lover during, well, you know...like what tj said a ways up, just the tremendous love between two people and how they "sing" in tons of different ways...dave grohl rules and so does everlong!Andrew - Cleveland, Oh
forget the meaning, this song rocks and so does DaveEcho - Normalville, Ma
Amazing and breathtaking song! If you listen closely to the beginning of the learn to fly video (where Tenacious D hide the drugs in the coffee machine) you'll hear Everlong in a funny variation. Some sort of lounge music version. Does anybody know if there's a possibility to get that version?Oli - Biel, Switzerland
At the end, I heard they doubled up some tracks and played some backwards and recorded that.Suzi - Arcadia, Ca
Even without the lyrics, the tune itself is amazing. They play the acoustic version a lot around here, but the album version is the best at least in my opinion. I dug it when they put that on Friends, too.

Chicks all love this song..we all know what it means, at least to them. "You've gotta promise not to stop when I say when". Yup.
Suzi - Arcadia, Ca
Does anyone know what the whispering at the end of the song is saying? It's been driving me crazy.Merrick - Atlanta, Ga
Simply, this song is about love being the best feeling in the world.David - Wichita, Ks
At a recent Foos concert in Philly, Dave played this acoustic and dedicated it to his wife, who he had spotlighted in the audience. It was amazing!Maria - Philadelphia, Pa
The drums are so exciting. 16th notes throughout almost the entire song. If I were a drummer, I'd play this song all the time. And yes... the acoustic version is so good. But the album version is the one I can listen to over and over.Neal - North, Nj
Dave Grohl Rox my sox!!!!!!!!! His voice is tops.Kirsty - Brisbane, Australia
Friends is the best tv show EVER, and when I heard that orchestrated version of Everlong on there, I knew it would always be my favourite song; my favourite TV show. Whenever I listen to Everlong, it always makes me feel slightly emotional, but whenever I listen to it when I'm down, it cheers me up endlesslySimon - Ipswich, England
Breathe out so I can breathe you in....hold you in.one of the most beautiful lyrics that dave grohl had ever created....and that why the foofighters rocks!!!Georgina - Laredo, Tx
foo fighters + concert = amazing.
Dave Grohl = genius.
Julian - Placentia, Ca
this song is NOT about kurt cobain. this is about louise post from the band veruca salt- dave grohl dated her for a while and he said in kerrang magazine that this song was about her. it is the most amazing, heart-wrenching song in the world!!Beth - London, England
i think this song is about sex. possibly Dave taking a girl's virginity. I always loved this song and just figured it was another love song and never thought anything of it. But then i got my heart broken by a guy i loved who didn't love me back that i almost gave my virginity to. As i listened to the song again all the lines correltated perfectly to how our first time having sex would be. its' definetly about sex, but i get the idea of virginity because it says "out of the red" and i took that to be blood from loosing it. And as far as the "slow how you wanted it to be" i could really relate to because i always imagined my first slow and romantic and if he had written this song, it's what' he'd have said to. So sorry to share my love life with you, but i definetly think this song is about sex, not just sex but emotional sex.Courtney - Los Angeles, Ia
I agree with dude from NY, this song means, whatever you want it to mean. They wrote this song about something obviously but mostly for the fact that the lines in the songs, are relateable. Everlong saved my life. Stop worrying about the meaning and let it save yours.Nick - Kansas City, Mo
i kid you not when i say this is one of the top 10 rock songs written in the past 25 years. how this didnt make rolling stone's list i will never know.Matt - Millbrae, Ca
dave wrote this song for those love-to-heart people. simple. dave was able to transcribe thoughts of the undying eros to fortify the strength that love comes with. little does a person, listening, remain unnoticed by another. little does a person, loving, remain unloved by another. dave extracted the ethereal feeling we all encompass when we sit with that special someone. he flourished the human heart with love. he accomplished the tremendous by painting this love in the hearts of thousands by manipulating the infinite pitches which the human ear comprehends. he is the reason these words escape my breath, for, momentarily, love encourages life. love breathes unity. and love carries all.Neison - Columbus, Ga
this is such a great song it is cleverly writtern and sangDavid - Birmingham, England
In an episode of Daria, the animated show that was on MTV, there's a scene where Daria watches from a window upstairs as Trent, her love interest, leaves on a date with another girl. In the background, everlong is played.

Truly, one of thee most beautiful songs ever written. Listening to it with headphones is amazng, hearing it LIVE....

Leonore - Fullerton, Ca
the video for this song was directed by Spike jonezDavid - Birmingham, England
About the above 'fact'

"Grohl claims that the biggest mistake he ever made was introducing Kurt to Courtney Love"

Grohl did not introduce Cobain to Love, it was journalist Everett True that introduced them to eachother at a Butthole Surfers concert in the middle of a Nirvana tour. It did transpire that Grohl had previously known of Courtney Love.
Andy - Wellington, New Zealand
this song is really easy to play on the guitar and i love playing it.Simon - Liverpool, England
best foo fighters song , about being in loveDan - Sydney, Australia
definatley a love songDan - Sydney, United States
This is purely a love song. I love Nirvana, but think about it.. Dave was in Nirvana for 3 years, Foo for 10 now.. Why is it that people think he has nothing better to do than to sing about Nirvana and Kurt. This is Dave's song. It's about being in love.Jess - Sydney, Australia
initially i think Everlong was a love song with a drug tied in..not pot, not heroin, but sex. "Hello, I've waited here for you, Everlong" signifies, ofcourse, waiting for the person they love to come back around..It's about the knowing that , no matter what happens while apart, things will be again. "Tonight, I throw myself into, out of the red, out of her head she sang" signifying good sex.."Come down and waste away with me, down with me, slow how you wanted it to be" probably relates to drugs and possibly with Courtney and Cobain and the fact that he wanted his fast moving rockstar life to slow down..Perhaps trying to experience love, life together and sex while off of drugs seeing that they bonded mostly when on them.."im over my head, out of her head she sang"..this is Kurt saying and realizing that hes in to deep with this chick.. and then "she sang" referring to sex again while still using.(notice the faster paced guitar breakdown). Cobain was the devoted one in the relationship, and cared morso then Courtney obviously. I mean listen to the bitch now, and through recordings then. "And i wonder when i sing along with you (sexual), if anything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again (love). "breathe out so i can breathe you in, hold you in" is a line devoted to a tie between sex and rememberence in my eyes, and perhaps relates to cobain and love's use of heroin/pot while engaging in their sexual and "loving" relationship. In all i think this song symbolizes an overall idea of Love in different way that nobody looks at. It exemplifies that the act of love (being sex), and love itself is something that brings about the craziest emotions and feeling in a person..some that will cause you to never forget them and the experiences you shared with them. I believe that like a lot of couples, good sex held Kurt and Courtney Love together...on drugs or off of them..it was the cornerstone..now imagine in your head what it would be like to experience not only great sex, but true love to the fullest..something that is worth waiting for no matter how long..something you believe will come around a second time only to be real unlike the first.Tj - Kennesaw, Ga
It doesnt really matter what the songwriter was trying to write the song about. What does matter is that you find what the song means to YOU, and love it for that reason. I'm sure the foo fighters care more that people can relate to this song than the people know what the song was written about.Dude - Ny, Ny
This song is emotional....this guy who I love and is in love with me told me to listen to this song and think of him? What is he meaning by that? I know it's a love song but is it thinking about his ex I really don't know.....It's a great song but i somebody could please email with an answer! I would really appreciate it...thanks love ya!Brittany - Barneveld, Wi
I think this song is part of a conversation, She is telling the guy how much she wants to be with him and how she hopes it could last forever.Sharon - Daniel's Harbour, Canada
I love this song so much. Every time I hear it I get chills. I think it's about those times and those people who you never want to end, like a moment in time that you wish could last forever or a girlfriend or even a best friend that you never want to leave. You just wish everything could stay as perfect as it was in that one moment forever. That's what I think of whenever I hear it at least.Laura - Marysville, Wa
From the moment I first heard this song, I thought is was about heroin. The female references are a metaphor for its seductive, destructive nature, IMHO.Anthony - Sydney, Australia
This song to me is about a girl's first time. i have always though this and havent even questioned it until i saw the video recently then found this site. i cant even type all of the stuff down that refers to a girls first time cause if u just listen and have this in mind you'll hear what i was thinking aboutJeremy - Jersey City, Nj
this song rocks hard. im not gonna argue with anyones interpretation of the song. i just think this is a well written song and its awesome.Calvin - Kyle, Tx
i adore this song, and always will. i dont bother trying to know what it means, i just enjoy its beautyMaz - Sydney Australia, Australia
When I listen to Everlong, it makes me think of my first girlfriend in college. I had no idea how much I loved that girl until the night she dumped me. I think on that time in my life, and I realize now that I haven't been that happy since then. When she broke up with me, I was shattered. My feelings for her were naïve, but that's also what made them perfect because I don't think I could eer feel like that ever again... to love someone with the same careless abandon because I've gotten older, more cautious and more realistic. I don't doubt that Kurt Cobain had a big impact on David Grohl's life, but I don't understand why everyone supposes that every song David Grohl writes has to be about Kurt Cobain? I'd like it better if it was just about some girl who he was crazy about.Eric - Denver, Co
Starting at the bottom of these entries, and reading my way up, I thought about shooting down the Cobain reading of the song (what's with the female pronouns?), tearing apart the drug readings (dude! he said "breath you in!" it's a drug song! whooooo! dave grohl likes pot!), and proclaiming it as a singular and amazing rock-n-roll love song and singing praises of the best video ever made. Instead, all I want to say is: Emma of Russelville, I like the way you think. Don't agree with you one bit, but I like the way you think.Craig - Madison, Wi
i think its possible to be about kurt and the "she sang" could be similar to the "she said" in Breed. Or it could be about really good sex.Liz - Massapequa, Ny
This song is obviously about rough sex, atleast that is what I think.Emma - Russellville, Ar
and nothing dave in his songs is about kurt. it's oviusly about how he feels. and ti's always diffrent in everysong. i admit alot are about a girl. but he always makes it's song amazing. and like somtimes it's anger and some times it's soft and the new albam is just amazing.
and alice i don't know him. but mabye because he thinks you might say no. but maybe you 2 are going out when i wrote this so oh well.
Bill - Dorest , Al
see i think it's nothing to do with kurt it's just about him with a girl and it's was amazing being with her but they broke up and he's wishs "it's going to be this good again" and then only thing he askes is her to come back. witch is the "got to promise not to stop when i say when". and it makes more scene with the music video. him being with his girlfriend.Bill - Dorest , Al
and for the love of god, why does everything dave grohl does have to be about kurt and bitch face?Kyle - New Bedford, Ma
What if a new friend/ with some flirting says, "listen to the Foo Fighters - Everlong, it's the best song," and "when you hear it, think of me!" - does that mean that he's interested in me, and if so, why hasn't he called me to ask me out?Alice - Chicago, Il
I always thought this was about his wife and him being away from her whilst on tour...but i guess you could go either way the lyrics work..it's just how the music makes you feel to which way you go...Erin - Cowra, Australia
Everlong is so deep and so emotional.. you just feel every word he sings. I was wondering.. haven't Dave ever explained the story behind this song..? I'm very curious..Geertje - Den Bosch, Netherlands
The beginning of this song is similar to 'Eyes Wide Open' of the Goo Goo Dolls.Mark - Sp, United States
Matisse in Auckland - Winterlong is actually a Neil Young song which was covered by The Pixies.Ruth - Leeds, England
hah i can't believe this isn't up here

on friends, at Monica and Chandler's wedding Everlong is played by the auchestra as they come in.

Toby - Wolverhampton, England
this songs good with the whole band but even better acousticSeb - Perth, Australia
The whispering at the end is a combination of a love letter being read, a technical manual, and something about a studio guy or whatever, and no one can figure out all that is being said. I can only figure out one word in the whole thing, and that is "sundays" or "somedays".Carl - Easton, Sc
To me, it is blatently obvious that this is about the relationship of Kurt and Courtney and the loss of Kurt. This was evident to me as I listened to it it more and more. Take the chorus as an example:

"And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She said"

Some of the lyrics appear to be a requiem of sorts to the late Kurt Cobain, as it seems to reflect on a close friend that has passed on. (i.e. Kurt):

"Breathe out
So I can breathe you in
Hold you in
And now
I know you've always been
Out of your head out of my head I sang"

There must be a reason why this song always makes Dave feel somewhat emotional whenever he performs it. I mean, if I was singing a song like that with those feelings so strong in the song, I'd feel that way too. The greatest of all the Foo Fighter songs, simply because I believe Dave puts so much into it.
Erik - Davis, Ca
I mean who can be angry at the end of this song? it makes you sit and think about life and its ups and downs. I would love to think that dave is still thiking or kurt and hopefully this one was for you! The song is unique and a little like led zep in the fact that its soft and slow at times and fast and angry in others. EnjoyRichardo - Perth, Australia
Did any one stop to think that maybe it has nothing to do with Nirvana or Kurt Cobain? I've sang along with my girl, had good times and wished things could be like they were before. Not to mention he says "out of her head." (Female reference for those illiterate types.) And if you've seen the video, the main characters are male and female, despite both being acted out by males. But the band members play both male and female characters in a lot of their videos. Haha.Tim - Phoenix, Az
come down and waste away with me i think is refering to courtney love and the influences with drugs she had on kurt cobain i mean i could be wring but i coulb be rightJames - Australia, Australia
i think the chorus will anything feel this reel forever if anyhting could feel this good again may be about kurt cobain in happier times in his lifeJames - Australia, Australia
hey let imagine what rock would be like without guitars?
how would it sounds?
would songs still have the same meaning or not?
Gabe - Pasadena, Tx
To all who Love Kurt Cobain (Or the Foos): Was Kurt Cobain murdered? Did Courtney Love have a hand in it? SIGNS POINT TO YES!! If you really do care about this issue visit www.justicforkurt.com
This isnt BS! we want who was responsible for his death!!!
Jason - Boston, Ma
I can't help but think that this song was partially influenced by 'Winterlong' by The Pixies.Matisse - Auckland, New Zealand
Everlong is my ALL TIME favourite song & I never get sick of listening to it, because it has a really intense feel to it. I think it is more of a lovey dovey kind of song more than mourning about drug problems (why,o,why did kurt have to go!? TAKE ME INSTEAD! AHH! i H8 drugs, evil stuff) then again, maybe i should go over the lyrics more carefully again. Everything about the song is just so... words can't describe such an art form; the acoustics, Dave Grohl's voice, the lyrics, infact, i don't want to describe it, YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT YOURSELF & YOU'LL SEE (or hear)WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT. Its such a mesmerising & beautifully depressing song. & you MUST check out the video clip, it's just as good! If i was wearing a hat now, i'd take it off to Dave Grohl & the Foo Fighters.Matisse - Auckland, New Zealand
The acoustic version is awesome. This is one of my favourite songs, i reckon Dave completly pwns kurt.Brad - Barmedman, Australia
One of my absolute favorite songs. I don't think the song means to be suggestive of heroin... really just a love song.Kathleen - San Jose, Ca
not really heroin maybe weed. Good Song but I don't think there are any heroin references.Chris - Victoria, Tx
First of all, let me say that I think this is a gorgeous, passionate, honest love song. But has anyone else noticed that it has some possible heroin references? "Breathe out, so I can breathe you in, hold you in" sounds like how you smoke heroin. "If anything could ever feel this real forever, if anything could ever be this good again" hmm kind of sounds like somebody under the influence, don't you agree?Allison - Somewhere, Nj
i personally think the song is a lot about Dave Grohl's experience with Nirvana especially the chorus because it sais "when i sing along with you" and not only did Grohl play with Nirvana he did backing vocals for Cobain on a couple songs, the other way i interpret it is that it's just about a relationship with a girlfriend or something like that but songs about Kurt Cobain are just so much coolerScott - Bismarck, Nd
Makes me cry,its one of the best songs in the world..Michael - Durham, England
They played an accoustic version of this song on the Howard Stern radio show for 92.3 WXRK-ROCK in New York. The accoustic version is played more than the regular version on that station.Nick - Paramus, Nj
one of the best songs when played live in my experience, both times i've seen the foos everyone was blown away by everlong especiallyBecky - Berkshire, England
i love this song it is sooo beautiful daves voice is amazing!!Lily - Seattle, Wa
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