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Gigantic by Pixies

Album: Surfer RosaReleased: 1988
  • This song is about an interracial relationship between a black male and white female.
  • This was written and sung by Kim Deal, who said she took inspiration from a 1986 Bruce Beresford movie, Crimes Of The Heart. In the film, Sissy Spacek plays a married woman who falls in love with a black teenager.
  • In the October, 1997 issue of Select magazine, Black Francis said of this song: "A good chord progression, very Lou Reed influenced. I'd had the word 'Gigantic' in my mind just because the chord progression seemed very big to me." (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for all above)
  • This was played as the closing number for many years at the Pixies reunion shows.
  • Apple used this song in their iPhone ad campaign "Powerful," which demonstrates how the consumer has "the power to create, shape, and share" their life when they acquire the device.
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Comments: 6

i don't get how this song is about a dog...Molly - Baldwin, Ny
OK - The lyrics to this song were written in my living room. Charles already named it Gigantic and asked Kim to write the rest. It was first going to be about a mall. "The Mall The Mall" instead of "Hey Paul Hey Paul". My friend John came up with "big black mess" and "big big love". We had seen Crimes Of The Heart a few weeks earlier and Kim knitted the whole thing together. Another good fact: in the studio, they put the guitar amps in the bathroom to get the really big arena sound. Brilliant.John - Boston, Ma
Actually it is NOT about a man; it is about a dog. Listen to the song carefully and it will be obvious...Mike - Newburgh, Ny
Kim Deal sang the song because she wrote it, as stated above. And anyway Black Francis (er.. Frank Black is it now?) sang in the background.Jenny - Streamwood, Il
I heard that she used "gigantic" becuase of the black guy (I'm not going to paint the picture), glad to hear otherwise... it was freaking me out.Patty - China Town, United Kingdom
The best song by far on the album 'Wave Of Mutilation'. But why did the woman sing not the man?Andy - Norwich, England