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Remedy by Seether

Album: Karma And EffectReleased: 2005Charted:
  • This song is generally about addiction, possibly lead singer Shaun Morgan's addictions. "The Remedy" is the metaphor for the addiction, and in the second half of the chorus, Morgan sings of freeing himself from its grip: "Clip the wings that get you high, and leave them where they lie." >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Conor - Cork City, Ireland
  • Amy Lee, who was Morgan's girlfriend at the time, appears in the video.
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Comments: 6

I agree w/ erik down at the bottom lol This song converted me to rock lol :)Kayla - Ione, Ca
Where does Amy Lee appear in the video??? Can't see her anywhere.Roach - Nowhere, Germany
That old dirty booze gets you every bloody time. I liked to drink and drink a loads of beer and I mean the good stuff not that waterd down American piss they call beer here in America. I guess when you come from a society where drinking is the norm you don't think about the consequences until it gets its hooks into you. That in my opinion is how insidious drinking can be especially if you can't handle it.Joel - Victoria, Capetown, South Africa
I have alwys loved music like this... I never knew why but somthing about it just makes me wanna headbang to it over & over again LOLShannon - Kalkaka, Mi
love this song, no idea who seether is tho. lol anyways, I have two seether songs and this is my favorite. "Frail, the skin is dry and pale, the pain will never fail And so we go back to the remedy" to me, this song means that people, when in pain, always go to the quick, temporary solution, whether it be booze, drugs, or harassing (not sexually) people to share the misery. And the line "Hold your eyes closed, take me in" most likely refers to how these temporary solutions become a part of everyday life, and you think nothing of it. It's sad, but the message is important.Blake - Chico, Ca
i got a friend that would absolutely loves seether. he got me hooked on seether so i am starting to like alt.rock and this was the song that attracted me.Erik - Brownwood , Tx
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