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Fat Old Sun by Pink Floyd

Album: Atom Heart MotherReleased: 1970
  • Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour wrote this and sang lead. Gilmour played every instrument on the track with the exception of keyboards, which were played by Richard Wright. >>
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    adri - zadar, Croatia
  • David Gilmour (from The Sun September 26, 2008): "I've always liked the song, one of the first I ever wrote. I tried to persuade the rest of the Pink Floyd guys that it should go on Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd but they weren't having it. I played the drums on the original recording but the drums are so bad."
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Comments: 10

Gilmore at his best! I love their "signature sounds" (the bells, the shrieks in the middle of Echoes, Gilmore's slide, random nonsense :) )Robert - Why?
One of my fav's, in regards to similar lyrics, isn't it a regular thing to use slang and popular phrases in songs, don't think anyone is stealing just using the lingo of the time.Hope - Watertown, Ny
Yes, the live versions of this were far better than the studio recording and David's inclusion of it on his recent solo outings prove that. One of my favorite Gilmour solos whenever he plays it - '71 or '06!Terry - Wickford, Ri
Yes, it is the same as the doors, but was written two years later. First time I heard that I said; Wait! Doesn't take away from the quality of this song though. This is my favorite Gilmour song.Tristan - Philadelphia, Pa
fantastic work by dave- haunting and beautiful. something that i always find wierd, though- "summer sunday and a year"? isnt that the same lyric as the door's song "love street"?Chloe - St. Louis, Mo
Uh, the reason those bells sound identical is because they were borrowed from the huge Abbey Road sound effect tape library.
The birds chirping for "Cirrus Minor" were used extensively for live performances, especially for "Grantchester Meadows."
Whatever, this is a beautiful song.
As usual, the boys did it even better live, especially the 1971 San Diego performance.
Don't you just WISH you had that recording?
Oldpink - New Castle, In
Great, laid-back type of ballad, with thunderous guitar riffs by a master; D. Gilmor.Todd - Philadelphia, Pa
This song is one of the top 5 most underrated songs of all time. Dave's version from the Remember that Night concert is amazing.Nathan - Austin, Tx
It is ***really strange*** , buf if you listen close the beginning of the song (CD remastered version), you will hear some bells tolling in high speed, which for me sounds very similar to those found on the begining of High Hopes - recorded almost 25 years later!!!!
Regards. Marcelo
Marcelo - Carapicuiba, Brazil
i love the guitar solo,it could go on and on,to me it builds and builds or in music terms cresendo,Billy J - San Antonio, Tx
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