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I Am Yours by Derek & the Dominos

Album: Layla And Other Assorted Love SongsReleased: 1970
  • Most of the lyrics are from Persian poet Nizami's The Story of Layla and Majnun, which also inspired the song "Layla."
  • The composer credit on this reads "Clapton/Nizami." Clapton used so much of Nizami's text that he gave the poet a songwriting credit.
  • Duane Allman played guitar on this. Clapton asked him to join these sessions after seeing him perform with The Allman Brothers.
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Comments: 7

Had to smile at Tom's comment. It's one thing to say that you, or you and the people you know don't care about D&TD, but "no one"? Really, in the whole world? :-) I remember when this album came out and listening to it over and over, just delighted. And it stood the test of time beautifully. It may be true that most younger people don't know anything from it but the title song, but I'd say that's their loss.Katherine - Tallahassee, Fl
This song seems to be sort of a blueprint for what would follow in Eric Clapton's solo career.... his preference for soft acoustic rock. Yes, Clapton would continue to play the blues and occasional rock and roll. However in the Seventies and beyond his ballads (Lay Down Sally; Promises; Tears In Heaven, etc.) seemed to dominate the FM airwaves. The wailing guitar days of Cream were long gone.Barry - New York, Nc
I love this song, its perfect to me in this moment the music and the lyrics are pretty I dedicated this song to my girl,Luis - Lima, Peru
Maybe Layla got the most airplay but the rest of the "album" is gold. Little Wing, Key to the Highway, Thorn Tree in the Garden, Bell bottom Blues . . . there isn't one dud on the entire thing. It's one in my colletion that I had in vinyl, tape and CD. And, there's at least one track on my mp3 player at any time. That's my opinion.Lalah - Wasilla, Ak
I think the best description of these CD comes from it's own muse, Pattie Boyd, she once said:
"I think that he [Clapton] was amazingly raw at the time... He's such an incredible musician that he's able ***to put his emotions into music in such a way that the audience can feel it*** instinctively. It goes right through you." This is magic?
Gil - Coqueiral, Brazil
Hey man, I adore Derek and the Dominoes, and their only CD, "Layla, and other assorted love songs" is simply the best ever. Masterpiece. But it's needed more musical feeling to get that, more than just following whatever your radio plays.Gil - Coqueiral, Brazil
no one really cares about Derek and the Dominoes, except for layla, thats my opinionTom - East Lyme, Ct
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