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Heart Shaped Glasses by Marilyn Manson

Album: Eat Me, Drink MeReleased: 2007Charted:
  • According to Spin magazine (June 2007), this song is about Manson and his girlfriend, actress Evan Rachel Wood, who was 19 at the time. She told him that she would die for him and they could die together. >>
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    Tara - Wittenberg, WI
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Comments: 11

This is a song loosely based on the film version of Nabokov's Lolita.
On the movie poster it has Lolita wearing heart shaped glasses, and I think she's wearing them the first time Humbert sees her. It represents youth and innocence that becomes tainted with lust.
Lisa - Toronto, On
I read in a magazine article by Evan Rachel Wood that it refers to the first time he saw her she was actually wearing heart shaped glassesAmanda - Dahlonega, Ga
I thinck the glasses refer to how some one can be blinded by love and not see things the way they really are. it was written for evan- who has alraedy broke his heart and resulted in the High End of Low album-who just saw a man who she thought was different so she dated him to be a rebel- but i think he's a little more complicated then that.Lin Lin - Pinson, Al
This song is his promise to evan. She declared her love for him, but she was soo young he didnt belive it to be true and so he said that as long as she didnt break his heart then he wouldnt break her heart shaped glasses. He has v big security isssues, and hates becoming close to peopleas he think they will always leave him, this make it hard for him to accpet her love.Jo - Chester, United Kingdom
This song is mainly about how Evan made Manson feel as he compares her to his past girlfriends. There was a girl in school with Manson and it was during his self-harming phase. He bled on her dress and she demanded a recompense of one kiss. In the second verse Manson compares Evan to "the one who cut up the negatives of my life". By this he is referring to ex-girlfriend Rose McGowan, who cut up his photos i.e. the negatives of his life.Charles Dodgson - Los Angeles, Ca
erik from brownwood, TX: He took her virginity. That's what that means.Maria Isabel - New London, Ct
Last I heard, the term "heart-shaped glasses" refers to how when you first meet someone, they seem perfect, because you haven't seen their ugly side yet. I think when Manson says, "Don't break my heart, and I won't break your heart-shaped glasses" he's trying to tell the girl that he'll remain perfect for her as long as she loves him.Maria Isabel - New London, Ct
this song is way too emo to be considered marilyn mansonJezus - Mobile, Al
Everyone who thinks this song is anything original should check out Let's go to Bed by The Cure first. And that's the case with most of
Mansonitis I hear.
Kalevi - Helsinki, Finland
I think this song somewhat revolves around the 1950's novel Lolita written buy that haggard looking Russian guy who was pimping everyone hardcore in the seventies. Seriously. What a badass.Luke - San Dimas, Ca
heart shaped glasses is the best manson song ever written and it does make sense but what did they do with her dress??lolErik - Brownwood , Tx
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