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Cotton Eye Joe



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In this song, the man "Cotton Eye Joe" is a hot potato who rides from town to town charming and manipulating all the woman, ruining them for the other guys. (thanks, Tyler - Phoenix, AZ)
This song originated in America in the 1800s, and is commonly associated with the American South. It became a popular song in Country bars, as it was perfect for line-dancing. It's a traditional Folk song, and many Country artists recorded it.
The 1980 movie Urban Cowboy renewed interest in this song, as it was performed in the movie by Bayou City Beats, and the line dance was demonstrated.
Rednex is a group of Swedish producers who recorded this as a Dance song. They formed the group for the express purpose of releasing this song, the group name being a play on the word "Redneck," which is a term for an old-school southerner in America. When this song became a hit, performers were dispatched to act as the group and the album was released to capitalize on the success of the single.
This has become a staple of minor league baseball games, where it is often played between innings, often with fans or entertainers dancing to it, sometimes on top of the dugouts.
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Comments (7):

acctually there all the same people... i looked up some pics of there group and the one woman jst changed her hair color thats all :D
- Elizabeth, anytown, IL
andy, same here...
- Elizabeth, anytown, IL
@Andy, Songfacts is trying to be always updated on the video content. While manually this ain't possible for our huge stack of songs and the non-stop changes on the videos by YouTube, our player searches the most requested video under the topic and loads it. This works well 99% of the times, but as you can see sometimes the video found as the best match is cover of the original song having better standing in YouTube charts.
- Zhivko, Bourgas, Bulgaria
how many Rednex groups are there? this ain't the video *I* saw...
- andy, glen burnie, MD
This song is so ridiculous, but it's perfect for prom's! I learned the dance at my prom and it was fun!!
- Krista, Carbondale, PA
The lyrics make me laugh (in a good way). I like this song's beat, too.
- Eric, Bend, OR
Awesome song :D
- Josh, Toronto
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