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In The Shape Of A Heart


Jackson Browne

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In this song about love and loss, Jackson Browne uses powerful images to convey the pain the singer feels as he finds his girlfriend's heart-shaped pendant by the bedside and knows she is gone. (thanks, Ken - San Diego, CA)
Jackson Browne
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Comments (10):

There was a song on The Pretender,Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate, that Jackson wrote about his wife. In the Shape of a Heart was many albums, many years later, so it is unlikey it was written about Phyllis. The songs on I'm Alive, including and particulary the title song, were likely written about Daryl Hannah, who he was accused of hitting
- Eric, San Francisco, CA
this is one of the very best pieces of music ever created by jackson browne.
- rick, frederick, MD
It apparently was written about his wife Phyllis, who committed suicide. He is alleged to have beaten her over a long period and it's his apology as such...
- John, Leicester, United Kingdom
Amy, I have no idea if "In the Shape of a Heart" was written about Daryl Hannah or not. But, she was born in late 1960, which made her about 25 when the song came out. Her and Jackson Browne were together from 1983 to 1992.
- Walt, Astoria, OR
God, I can't believe some of you. Look at the date the song came out, Darryl Hannah was a child. This was about the tragic loss of Phyllis.
- Amy, Traverse City, MI
Nice song. I like it a lot
- Liz, Smallville, KS
I heard that it's about his failed relationship with actress, Daryl Hannah and I'm fairly certain that it's true.
- Paula, Fort Wayne, IN
This is one of the most powerful and poignant ballads I have ever heard. I cannot believe it did so poorly on the singles charts!
- Charles, Charlotte, NC
This song is rumored to be written about his wife Phyllis, who committed suicide.
- Patrick, Charlotte, NC
I now wear a ruby on a chain around my neck in the shape of a heart. I bought it after my 16 year marriage failed, not to remember the failure but to remind me of the fragility of love. It takes courage, and eyes wide open, tho most the time we never even know what we're looking for. Thanks JB.
- Debi, Seattle, WA
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