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The Man In Me by Bob Dylan

Album: New MorningReleased: 1970
  • Dylan recorded this in New York City with a talented group of studio musicians including Al Kooper and Charlie Daniels. Ron Cornelius, who played guitar on these sessions, told us that Dylan would play down the song, but as soon as they started recording he would play it in a completely different tempo, which threw off the musicians but forced them to play to their strengths. These sessions lasted about 3 weeks, with the best songs going on this album and many of the others ending up on his 1973 self-titled album Dylan.
  • This played a major role in the Coen Brothers' 1998 movie The Big Lebowski. The song has since been performed live by the film's main star, Jeff Bridges.
  • Artists to have covered this song include The Clash, Joe Cocker and Matumbi.
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Comments: 3

This song is pretty self said, and is mainly about how you don't judge books by their coversJason - San Francisco, Ca
In fact played twice during "The Big Lebowski". First over the opening credits, set to a montage of overweight men bowling. Then later heard during one of the Dude's flashbacks, over his walkman, as he's lying on his rug. You know, the valued rug that really tied the room together.Jason - New York, Ny
one of his best songs in my opinion.Justin - Bakersfield, Ca
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