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Chelsea Dagger


The Fratellis

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Lead singer Jon Fratelli (real name: John Lawler), wrote this song for his wife, who worked as a burlesque dancer with the stage name Chelsea Dagger (her real name is Heather). She performed at the Glasgow venue Club Noir, which according to Guinness World Records is the largest burlesque club in the world.
This was the first hit for The Fratellis, and it became a popular song among soccer fans, where it is often played at games. The Celtic team of the Scottish Premier League often uses the song.
The name "Chelsea Dagger" is a play on "Britney Spears." Get it? - Chelsea::Britney, Dagger::Spear.
John Lawler recalled to the Guardian newspaper June 27, 2008 about writing the song: "I remember the night I wrote it - I found the notebook with the lyrics the other night. It came to me really quickly. I was going [sings the familiar refrain] 'Do-do-do-do-do-do' and it was so easy to write that I couldn't believe nobody had ever used [the melody] before."
This was embraced as a theme song by 2010 NHL Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks during their successful season, which culminated in them winning their first championship since 1961.
This is by far the band's best-known work, but Jon Fratelli calls it "just another song." "I really never have, and never will, think about it in any special way," he said in 2013. "It's just a song in the middle of a bunch of others songs. I hadn't even written 'Chelsea Dagger' when we got our first record deal. So I know that there was other stuff that people were interested in."

Jon adds that the song has been wonderful for the band, as its royalties have supported them financially.
The Fratellis
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Comments (9):

Chelsea could be a substitute for Britney in that they are both rather trendy late 20th Century Women's names with two syllables and I'm not Brit .. but I believe Chelsea is a district in London while Britney obviously has roots from Brittain or Brittany (a northern part of France close to England). Rumor has it if the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup the Fratelli's may play during the parade/celebration.
- Jack Russell, New York City, NY
how does Chelsea equal Britney?
- Phil, Edmonton, AB
I still don't know what blagger means- there are three possible meaning listed here! maybe it can mean all three. anyway, this song is so catchy, i agree with john fratelli, i can't believe no one has ever used the melodie before.
- indigo, Adelaide, Australia
The Chicago Blackhawks play this after every goal and win.
- jared, superior,wi, WI
Hello, I'm from England and use this term a lot! A blagger is someone who can wing it or lie convincingly.

Shall we blag it? Shall we make it up as we go along.

I blagged it off him. I talked him into giving me it for free.

A blagger is generally a smooth tongued sob who can think on their feet and talk a good game.
- Rach, Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Actually, a "blagger" is a term for a burglar in North England. :)
...this song is amazing.
- Sasha, Winston, MS
A 'blagger' is like an obscenely good salesman, I do believe.
- Alexx, Las Vegas, NV
What exactly is a blagger?
- Ella, Hobart, Australia
The Fratellis are celtic supporters and this is why it is played at their matches.
- Stephen, Glasgow, Scotland
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