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Takin' It To the Streets by The Doobie Brothers

Album: Takin' It To the StreetsReleased: 1976Charted:
  • This song was written by Doobie Brothers keyboard player and lead singer Michael McDonald, who joined the group when Doobie guitarist Tom Johnson fell ill. The words were partly inspired by an essay McDonald's sister wrote, hence the lyrics, "Take this message to my brother."
  • The Doobie Brothers took a stand against bootlegging, which is the practice of illegally taping concerts. In 1978 they appeared on the TV show What's Happening!! is a two-part episode ("Doobie Or Not Doobie") where the rotund character Rerun gets coerced into bootlegging one of their shows. At the concert, the group is playing this song when Rerun starts dancing and his tape recorder falls to the ground, exposing his transgression. It ends well though, as they catch the bad guy in the end.
  • The song was re-recorded by The Doobie Brothers with Nashville duo Love & Theft for their Southbound album. The record is a collection of the band's greatest hits featuring lead and backing vocals from a multitude of country artists. The group's Tom Johnston told Rolling Stone that the mixture of country and rock is a good fit for collaboration. "Country has changed since the days of Hank Williams," he said. "It's taken on a rock tinge. Truthfully, the traditional style of rock and roll has kind of gone away. No one is representing it the way it used to be represented. Country music has sort of picked up the slack. That's why those artists are huge right now."
  • 2006 American Idol winner Taylor Hicks performed this on the show and recorded it for the B-side of this first single, "Do I Make You Proud?" >>
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    Sara - Silver Spring, MD
  • The Doobie Brothers closed out the 2014 CMA Awards with a performance of this song. They were joined by a collection of Nashville stars including Brad Paisley, Sugarland and Hunter Hayes.
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Comments: 5

Sounds almost political to me, but I suppose anything could....very vague and up from the bottom everywhere kind of thing, and now we have to take it to the streetsWilliam - Birmingham, Al
This band rocks Live,sounding great,and Black Water was my only favorite,when they were togetherJorge - Bronx, Ny
The original lead singer of the Doobies who fell ill was Tom JOHNSTON, not "Johnson."Robin - Rockville, Md
This marked a shift in the doobie Bros music at the time a more R n B, soul feel, which was a great change..Jim - Long Beach, Ca
The LP Taking it to the Streets is excellent. It marked a new sound for the Doobies with McDonald's R&B keyboard style and vocal stylings. Johnson and bass player Tyran Porter also contributed memorable cuts.Charles - Charlotte, Nc
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