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My Blue Heaven by Taking Back Sunday

Album: Louder NowReleased: 2006
  • In an appearance on Fuse TV, lead singer Adam Lazzara explained that this song is about his faith in God. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Steven - Corona, CA
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Comments: 3

I think its about a guy who cant tell a girl he really loves her, "Its you. you. its you i cant deny." because she never really listens to him. "Im just asking you to hear me. Could you please just once just hear me."Ryan - Philadelphia, Pa
Im not religious at all therefore I take a completely different meaning from this song. I love it how someone can write a song that can become so transferable and can relate to so many people and their situations.Jess - Glasgow, United Kingdom
i think it's the one perosn you can depend on. or the one person that will never let you down. in adam's case god.Dani - Chicago, Il
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