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Seven Turns by The Allman Brothers Band

Album: Seven TurnsReleased: 1990
  • The title refers to a Navajo belief that there are seven times in life that you must make a decision that determines your life path. Taking the wrong path means you must either backtrack or stay on the road to ruin.
  • Allman Brothers Band guitarist Dickey Betts wrote this after producer Tom Dowd asked him to write something similar to "Blue Sky," which he composed for the band's 1972 album Eat A Peach.
  • This was the title track to the Allman Brothers comeback album. They had not recorded together for nine years.
  • This was one of the few Allman Brothers songs where Betts sang lead.
  • Features Warren Haynes on slide guitar. His addition to the band on the Seven Turns album allowed them to play with two guitars, like they did before Duane Allman died in 1971.
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Comments: 6

Here's some insight into the song origination. It is based on the philosophy of my late Grandfather, Stewart Etsitty. There are seven major decisions in one's life, you must make the right decision in order to progress to the next life. My Grandfather was a Roadman with the Native American Church, he and Dickie were friends for about 30 years. The Native Americans you see in the video are Navajo, with exception of the Fancy Dancers who are Chippewa/Shoshone & Navajo. This video was filmed in the Window Rock, AZ area. Thank you, Dickie for a great song and the fabulous memories. T, Fort Defiance, AZToni - Fort Defiance, Az
I love the song and the meaning of it. Actually just saw Dickie Betts in Reading PA Mar 21 and we got to hang out after the show and he told us about the Indian, his good friend, that he had wrote the song for because he was the one that told him the meaning of it. Dickie is so full of life and if you can catch one of his shows it is awesome. He's still around!
- Bridget, Bordentown, NJ
Bridget - Bordentown, Nj
I heard when this album came out, that this song was written in memory of Duane Allman. Could someone clarify this for me?Big Ed - Pulaski, Tn
If you haven't seen the video, it features Hopi Natives and scenic canyon views as well as vintage shots of the ABB with their long lost guitarist Dickey Betts.Barry - New York, Ny
Probably the best Dickey Betts song, it's real catchy and fun to listen to. Too bad Dickey isn't around anymore to play it. ¡Quã lástima!Barry - New York, Ny
I was playing in a southern/classic rock band in college when this song and album came out, we were excited to hear new Allman material. In our version of this song, we jokingly sang "Seven turds on the driveway"!Matt - Charleston, Sc
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