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Daddy What If by Bobby Bare

Album: Lullabys, Legends And LiesReleased: 1973Charted:
  • This song featured a 5-year-old Bobby Bare, Jr. going back and forth asking his dad questions like, "What if the sun doesn't rise today?" The song is about the relationship between the father and the son.
  • This was written by Shel Silverstein, a popular children's author who was also a prolific songwriter who wrote hits for many Country artists, including Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn. It was very rare for a Country singer to record a whole album of someone else's songs, but that's what Bare did on Lullabys, Legends And Lies, as all the songs were written by Silverstein.
  • Bobby Bare Jr.'s went on to become artist in his own right, and always begins his concerts with a song written by Silverstein. Bare Jr. considers Shel one of his mentors, as far as songwriting and discipline are concerned. (Thanks to Mitch Myers for speaking with us about this song. He is author of Silverstein Around the World, which contains many more stories about Shel. Check out our interview with Mitch Myers.
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Comments: 3

this song made me and my dad cryAriel - Home/lakebay, Wa
Oops, I have to open my eyes, it was not 1968 it was1973Mixermatt - Bloomington, Mn
The first time hearing the song it brought tears to my eyes and I was about the same age a Booby Bear Jr. And the was about around 68 or about the 1970's.
As time went and I got older, and the tune " Daddy What If " was stuck back in my mind. With luck and for the love of music I have I was able to track down this great tune by a farther and son.
Mixermatt - Bloomington, Mn
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