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I Know There's Something Going On by Frida

Album: Something's Going OnReleased: 1982Charted:
  • Frida is Anni-Frid Lyngstad from the band Abba. When Abba folded in 1981, Frida launched a solo career, explaining that she finally had a chance to spread her wings and sing with more power on her own. Something's Going On was her first album, and this track proved to be her only hit.
  • Phil Collins produced this and played drums on the track. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tommy Allen - Loveland, CO, for above 2
  • This was written by Russ Ballard, who was lead singer of the band Argent. The lyrics are about a woman who is convinced her man is cheating on her.
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Comments: 6

If the guitar on this song sounds familiar to you, its because its Daryl Stuermer... the same guitarist on all of Phil Collins' solo albums.Dave - Dallas, Tx
The album this was from had some very nice songs on it, all produced by Collins. The last, “Here We’ll Stay,” has a great duet with Frida and Collins. The CD or album can be found online if one pokes around a bit.Esskayess - Dallas, Tx
This is an awesome song from Frida. Despite not entering the top 10, it gets quite a bit of airplay to this day. I actually hear it more than I hear any ABBA songs on the radio, perhaps with the exception of "Dancing Queen".Ron - Auburndale, Fl
This is a great song. The bridge is so powerful. And she's belting it out like a champ.Jeff - Austin, Tx
Russ Ballard has written some great songsLester - New York City, Ny
Anni-Frid Lyngstad has a Norwegian mother and a German father, who was a soldier of the German army during the second world war.Geir - Oslo, Norway
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