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Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet

Album: Get BornReleased: 2003Charted:
  • This was Jet's first hit song. It was also the first song to be used in the popular iPod commercials, where a black shadow of a person, listening to a white iPod danced to this tune in front of colorful backgrounds. These ads helped boost sales of iPods and of Jet albums.
  • This song took a lot of criticism its main riff, which sounds very close to the song "Lust For Life" by Iggy Pop. Much of Get Born took some heat for sounding like other classic Rock songs. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for above 2
  • This was a hit twice in the UK, in 2003 it reached #23 in the singles chart. The following year it was re-released after being featured in the Vodaphone picture messaging TV ads and this time it rose to #16 in the charts.
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Comments: 9

Very little relation to Radar Love. It has a rhythmic bass line(different rhythms) and the blues riff are where the "similarities" end.Guy - Benson, Nc
Doesn't anyone else see the similarity between this song and "Radar Love" by Golden Earring? Every time I hear this song I always just want to sing "Radar love..." and vice versa.Devin - Rochester, Nh
Jet are great. Iggy's beat is quite similar tho. But say the attitude is different for sure.Reese - Kharkov, Ukraine
This might be the GREATEST Iggy Pop song of all time.


Nice 'riff lift' though.
Mike - Matawan, Nj
you can't seriously say jet is one of the best bands of the decade, their second album was pretty garbage and they haven't done anything sinceJosh - New York, Ny
we cover this tune in the band like check us out guys www.myspace.com/thelivewires cause we like to see what others think cheers!!!!!Rob - Deeside, United Kingdom
Kanye West TOTALLY stole the whole one color/girls in an ad type background, watch the video Gold Digger and compare it to this one. Am I right?Melissa - Lorton, Va
Ohhhh yeah Scott thats definitly true. I love Jet for a new band. Im in to the 60s and 70s music but if i had to pick a band of this decade theyd definitly be it.Ozzi - Brookhaven, Pa
Jet is definitely one of the best bands of this decade.Scott - Boston, Ma
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