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Raining On Sunday by Keith Urban

Album: Golden RoadReleased: 2003Charted:
  • Singer/songwriter Radney Foster wrote this song as an homage to the quietude he enjoys on Sunday afternoons when "all God's children at my house have to take a nap." It's a very sensual song, which, considering the story behind it, makes perfect sense. In our interview with Radney Foster, he told us, "Everybody has quiet time at my house on Sunday afternoons. Which is kind of also how I got my third child. But there it is, the history of the song." Foster says that his co-writer, Darrell Brown, and he were writing for Foster's 1999 See What You Want To See album, and "we were laughing about how we had quiet time on the weekends with my two boys. And that was just sort of a precious thing to me. No matter what was happening. Half the time it's so you can get a million other things done on your 'honey-do' list. Especially if it's raining." And with that thought, they struck gold. "It was like, that's it! 'Raining On Sunday.' And the whole thing ended up from there."
  • Keith Urban's desire to record this song came as a surprise to Radney. But talk is cheap in the music industry, and when Urban told Foster that he wanted to record it, Foster took the statement with a grain of salt. Says Foster, "He actually came up to me and said, 'Man, I'm cutting 'Raining On Sunday' off of See What You Want To See on my next record. I love that album.' And you know I've heard that kind of loose talk before in this business. And I've learned not to take it too seriously." As it stands, Urban was sincere, and his version of this song became a major hit on the US Country music charts, with an accompanying video that is so steamy it is still talked about among female Keith Urban fans.
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Comments: 1

Great song, great lyrics, Keith nailed it in the voice dept on this one!
Love his drummer too! What is his name? The drummer, that is?
Elaine - East Hartford, Ct
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