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Black Rain by Ozzy Osbourne

Album: Black RainReleased: 2007
  • The "Black Rain" is a metaphor for oil. The song expresses Ozzy's feelings about the war in Iraq, and how it was motivated by oil. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Sean - Detroit, MI
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Comments: 4

If you listen at the beginning after he sings "Another soldier is dead", during the guitar part, it almost sounds like someone jumped onto a spring mattress.Caleb - Ingleside, Tx
once again Ozzy, proves he's one of the Gods of MEtal!Dylon - Grant, Mi
yes I agree,errm I remember him saying something about it when he was in his own country, here, he stood against the political leaders and critised them all here in England.Andrew - Manchester, United Kingdom
favorite ozzy song, ozzy is my idol.Alex - Los Osos, Ca
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