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All Around Me by Flyleaf

Album: FlyleafReleased: 2006Charted:
  • On the radio show LA Lloyd's Rock 30, lead singer Lacey Mosley said: "It's a song about meeting God. I remember looking at a bunch of people's Myspace when I first saw Myspace and the 'Who I'd Like To Meet' the #1 thing people picked was God. I think about that. I don't know how many times I've experienced something where I felt like God showed up and saved me or loved me for no reason sometimes. That's why I sing this song, I sing it to God. It's really intimate as well, you can think about it as a relationship between two people in love, too. I never think about it that way, but what's so cool about that is I think there's parallels everywhere - in everything in life. I think that that parallel is something that God wants to communicate to us, that he gives us relationships like that, an intimacy like that."
  • Live, Lacey has prefaced "All Around Me" by saying, "This song is for Jesus." >>
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Comments: 22

I thought it was about a zombie apocalypse or the game Prototype.Spiderskull98 - New York
Flyleaf was always one of my sisters favorite bands, mine as well. Lacey was an idol to her. My sister and I used to watch the video of her singing this song acoustically all the time. It always hit me very deep being that I was very depressed for a very long time as a young child and throughout my teen years, I would often cry while singing along "I'm still alive" just trying to keep pushing thru life. I never knew this song was about god all these years. To me it doesn't hold that meaning, I'm not exactly sure if I believe in god or what is that I believe in. My sister ended up taking her own life at age 17, I was 16. At age 19 this song now has a whole new meaning to me. It's my connection with her and feeling her here even though she's no longer physically here and reminding myself that I am still alive even though I feel like I've lost so much of myself. And this is why I love music, because it can make you feel something so deep and so real. Always remember you're not alone, I promise you that <3Nikkir - Chicago
To me...this song is about Jesus' love and how she can feel it all round her! The music video points it out as well, the red covering the walls around them - to me - is Jesus' blood! And that's just it...Jesus is all around us! Plus, she's in a relationship with Him....her Savior! So, I guess I can understand why ppl would think that she's singing about a man!! Lacey is so amazing and her songs are so powerful! I feel the annointment on every song and thank God that, even though not everyone knows she's singing about Him, the annointment is still there and He can touch your life through her songs!!Juliet - Polokwane, South Africa
We the church are the bride of Christ so it explains the intimacy of the songCori - Waukegan, Il
the best song ever. i live in Nairobi in Kenya. not that many people here are into Rock, but that song!! believe it or not, has made just about all of my pals love rock music. keep up the terrific job. God Bless.Jim - Nairobi, Kenya
I love Flyleaf..especially in concert. Lacey is so inspiring. She made me cry during because she is so in love with the songs she sings its like hearing her spill her soul out for everyone to see..its beautiful :) This song is amazing...Joclyn - Lovelock, Nv
To everyone saying they thought it was about two people in love, it is. It's about God and it also can be about two people in love. It has a double meaningMaddy - San Fransisco, Ca
i always thot this song was meant for a relationship and then i figured out she meant it towards God. i like the whole idea of it and really love the song and how intense it is, the acoustic version is beautiful.Allie - Bellevue, Ne
finding out that this song is about God, i appreciate it more and it sounds much more better going through my ears. this song always give me chills. love it so much.Lacey - Chicago, Il
i saw Flyleaf live at the Thomas & Mack in Las Vegas. they were flipping awesome, especially when they played that particular song.Charlie - Las Vegas, Nv
such a great song in worship.Clara - Brisbane, Australia
To Grace the atheist, You need to re-consider your life. GOD is real, don't make the wrong decision.Scott - Jackson, Ak
I'm an atheist LMFAO I can't even spell it, but this song amazing. I play it about 1 million times, no I lied about 15 or 20 times a day. Her tongue dancing behind her lips means she singingto Jesus. Anyways <3 it.Grace - Seattle, Wa
Its awesome that this is a christian song but i think its really funny cuz i was in a room with two of my other friends and this song came on and I said "hey you know this is christian song right" and my friend goes "wait, so her tongue dances behind her lips for God?" and we all cracked up.Susan - Alabaster, Al
Truly the best song :) I love it a lotJessie - Dallas, Tx
Totally awesome song!Michelle - Brook Park, Mn
This song is groovy. Totally. I find it ironic that alot of people don't know that their christian. It's slightly funny in the worst way...Isabelle - St. Paul, Mn
i like this song...and since its a song about god...people may not like it but its ok...other people do...Patty - Alamo, Tx
This song is amazing and so true.Brooke - Radcliff, Ky
yeah i didn't know flyleaf was a christian band until i read the songfacts.
I always thought that it was about a guy.
Like whenever she's around him that's all she feels and he makes it hard for her to breath. but she doesn't want to tell him what she's feeling. and she was alone with a broken heart until she met him and he healed her heart or something.
i don't know but i still love the song.
Alicia - ..?.., Madagascar
I know this is supposed to be a religious song about being with God or whatever, but it always makes me think of this GUY I have a crush on, but it makes me sad since I'm 99.999% sure he's straight. Weird and ironic, I know.Matt - Nowhere, In
It describes her experience with the Holy Ghost, one of the 3 heads of God.Jenni - Nowhere, Oh
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