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The Little Things Give You Away


Linkin Park

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This song deals with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and its effect on the city of New Orleans. The band finished this song after visiting New Orleans after the hurricane hit. (thanks, Bronte - Wrexham, Wales)
This is one of the few Linkin Park songs with a guitar solo. (thanks, Jake - Albuquerque, NM)
Guitarist Brad Delson in Kerrang! magazine: "This is our favorite song on the record. It's the biggest statement that we've ever made. Nothing could go after it as everything would get eclipsed by it, that's why it's at the end."
Singer Mike Shinoda in the same Kerrang! interview: "Brad has always avoided solos because he doesn't like to show off. But when he played that solo, though, it was one of the most emotional moments we've recorded. It says what the lyrics are saying without any words."
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Comments (7):

Yeah, Rob is definatley an underrated drummer, he doesn't always show what he can do 'cause of the type of music LP plays. I'm still on the fence about the abilities of Mr. Brad Delson. The 2 "real" solos on M2M are pretty good, though not THAT good. I do appriciate a slow, passionate guitar solo, but this one seems a little too calculated and kind of dull. I mean, I could improvise a more interesting solo for this song myself. Though it does go good with the song and maybe less is more in this case. I do like the one in "In Pieces" better, but I am looking foward to seeing more of Brad's talent in the future. (What can I say, I'm a guitar man!)
- Zero, Nowhere, NJ
NO DOUBT! Beszt song off Minutes 2 Midnight if not in their whole career. It's right up their with American Idiot and other songs that make Bush look like an ass
- Caitlyn, Royersford, PA
It is a very touching song...
- Aditya, Hyderabad, India
I cant tell you How I feel when I listen to this song. Without being derogatory its orgasmic in a very spiritual and emotional way. The fact that it represents an event so real to us Americans I respect they they took the time to write this song, truly my favorite. Even if your not a LP fan you can respect and love this song.
- LIsaMarie, Los Angeles, CA
Amen! Jad. It is about George Bush's and FEMA's slow response too the people of Lousiana. The Guitar solo is amazing!
- Steven Resnick, Portland, OR
Umm yeah it has an awesome guitar solo, but they forget the AMAZING drum part in this song. This song was originally referred to as 'the drum song'. Beautiful none the less.
- Candice, West Deptford, NJ
I like this song alot because it is a slap in George Bush's face for not responding quick enough to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Great job Linkin Park.
- jad, modesto, CA
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