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Another Time, Another Place by U2

Album: BoyReleased: 1980
  • Title is also the name of a 1974 Bryan Ferry solo album.
  • Bono mumbles something incomprehensible at the end.
  • The album shows a shirtless, 7-year-old boy on the cover. The American release had an alternate cover with a black and white photo of the band to avoid controversy.
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Comments: 4

Its definitely German, you can make out some words, gehaben is in there and the last German word he says is gehoren. Wonder what it meansColin - Limerick, Ireland
Towards the middle (near the end), the real lyrics go like...

"...Yeah-ya-yi, yeah-yeah-hah
She's a beauty, Hallie
Yes we all look down, he's been had
Love's what she's been holding..."
Mickey D. - Fremont, Ca
I dont think it's Gaelic - I think it's GermanRudi - Uk, England
Towards the middle (near the end) of the song, Bono speaks in Gaelic. I don't believe a translation has ever been done. Also, when performing the song live, Bono would just improvise this part (in English).Katie - Memphis, Tn
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