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Through The Fire


Chaka Khan

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This romantic song is about someone who is so certain that she's met the love of her life, she's willing to put it through any test. It was written by David Foster, Tommy Keane and Cynthia Weil.
The video for this song was shot in a train station and featured several couples. Most of the couples were quarreling, which seems to contradict the song. (thanks, Mike - Santa Barbara, CA, for above 2)
Chaka Khan
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Comments (3):

This song was on the Billboard Hot 100 for 20 weeks, yet it only went to #60. Through The Fire is considered the longest-running Billboard chart entry that didn't make it to the top 40.
- John, Nashville, TN
David Foster composed this first as an instrumental. Along with Al Jarreau's Mornin' and James Ingram's hit "Whatever We Imagine" it was one of the songs that he did as an instrumental before the lyrical version came out. It was called
"Chaka" since he had written it with Chaka Khan in mine (he produced, arranged and accompianed her on the album the song was featured on)
It was co-written with Cynthia Weil (best known for her work with Barry Mann) and Tom Keane
(who was part of the one hit wonder group "The Keane Brothers" both whom were twelve when they recorded their first album!)
The song is really about a person in general and has been covered by both women and men. David Foster later produced Peabo Bryson's version.
- Sara, Silver Spring, MD
This is a beautiful song about a woman who is willing to do whatever it takes for the man she loves. It is one of my favorite songs by Chaka!! She's amazing...
- RoDacious, Chicago, IL
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