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Album: Cosmo's FactoryReleased: 1970
  • This song was basically built around a single riff. It runs for over 7 minutes, most of which is an intense jamming session.
  • The song is about the "evil" of big government and the restrictions political forces can put on society.
  • This was the only song on Cosmo's Factory that was not previously released as a single. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Mike - Hueytown, AL, for all above
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Comments: 9

Not just the best song on Cosmo's Factory but one of the best songs EVER.Paul Mcnair - Mallala Souih Australia
Always loved this song.....and Beatles...shes so heavy.....both have extended playing with no vocals.....Rick - Belfast, Me
Case In point......albums from the 60's and 70's had songs on them that were as good, if not better than the singles that were released from them.....this album, Cosmos Factory, needs to be rated higher by Rolling Stone Mag....It has passed the test of time....Rick - Belfast, Me
loved the lyrical sarcasm of ramble tamble...this was the predominant tune of cosmos factory probably because it was so long compared to the others on the album...(were talking 8 track here ok?)...creedence was the A#1 band for 8 track car stereos back in 69-70...and rightfully so...they were hotter than a firecraker during this time...jeff skunk baxter says of jan and dean...that in a way it was a good thing their music lived and died in a short span of time making it a symbol of that time period and will always be remember for the early to mid sixties...I think the same thing is so true of creedence...they will forever own 1969-70's music radio.Jeff - Panama City , Fl
listen to 2:00 in to like 2:30 it sounds like stairway to heavenDerek - Shrewsbury, Ma
AAAAAAGH!!!! This is definately my favourite CCR song!!! "oooooooooooooh down the road I go" then it says something about "bugs in the sugar, roach in the cellar, mud in the water, mortgage on the home" Genious, pure genious, one of the best riffs I've ever heard waaaaay better than 'Grapevine'Nady - Adelaide, Australia
hey mike from concord, im sure he did, he was the lead guitarist. i love the way the riff slows/ speeds up. you get stuck in it.David - Wilson, Ny
I love the guitar work in this song, I wonder if John Fogerty did it.Mike - Concord, Ca
Such an awesome jam song, my favorite off Cosmo's Factory right after I Heard It Through The Grapevine.Ben - Chelsea, Me
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