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Fences by Paramore

Album: Riot!Released: 2007
  • This song is about celebrities and how they have to seem perfect and happy all the time, which is the only way you can make it in Hollywood. The lyrics, "It's obvious that you're dying, dying, it's living proof that the cameras lying" could mean that while Hollywood is doing it's best to make celebrities seem perfect on TV and movies, people have learned to look past that and see that some celebrities are really miserable with the constant spotlight being put on them. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ali - Oxford, PA
  • As lead singer Hayley Williams said in an October 2007 interview at MuchMusic in Toronto, Canada, this song was written about herself, and how she was dealing with all this fame she was getting. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Tabitha - Norwood, ON
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Comments: 11

Too much of a good thing is bad. Same goes for publicity. It gets to ppl. No doubt. This song is awesome. Love the beat!!!!Ashleigh - ?????, Mo
this is not about Hollywood, Hayley has said quite a few times that it is about her and Paramore's dealing with the fame they have and how they try to pretend that everything is alright.Billy - Vancouver, Bc
Haley Williams is an amazing artist i.ve learned all of Paramore's song's on my drums and Guitar.
it is an amazing band!
Emmalee - Elizabethtown, Ky
I think this song is about someone with an eating disorder. "I'm sitting in a room. Made up of only big white walls..." is referring to some type of doctor's office. "Just let them think their's no place else you'd rather be..." means letting everyone think you are in control of your life. "You're always on display..." is talking about how younger people are learning to be like you. "Dying, Dying..."Maddie - New York, Ny
i luv paramore, and hayley's hair is awesome!D - Virginia, Uruguay
I hate to agree with people, but yes this is about celbrities and how unhealthy they may be on the inside (either being mentaly or physicly) they are constantly being manipulated and pushed into more strain and work. But you'll never be able to see that because they have all the make-up and plastic surgury, so you'll never know they are unhealthy.
-The "fences" represent the fact that celbrities are fenced in becuase anywhere they go people will be recognizing them and fencing them in their own personal hell...
69-so-fine - French Lick, Indiana!!, In
ok this song is not about hollywood r any thing like that its about hayley shes singing the song about her selfShawn - Burbank, Ca
Ok I think this song is about soomeone killed someone else, then someone took the blame for it and is now in a lnsane asle where that person meets the siner of the song and she is telling him that the REAL person that did it is lying to the camera. So then the person who got blamed is sentenced to death that's why the singers says you'll go out in style. Sorry if it doesnt make sense :) ^^Aly - Chicagp, Il
i think it's about sombody not have the streath to go on and sombody else is trying to help them through because with them not having to streagth they want to kill themselvesEmily - Frankiln, Tn
i love paramore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emily - Frankiln, Tn
Haley is an amazing singer! I really like this song and all my friends do too.Natalie - Chiago, Il
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