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Stay by Pink Floyd

Album: Obscured By CloudsReleased: 1972
  • This was a song written by Richard Wright and Roger Waters for Pink Floyd's 1972 soundtrack to the film La Vallee, Obscured by Clouds. The song deals with a one night stand, or possibly a groupie. It's similar to Rick Wright's song "Summer '68" on Ummagumma. >>
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    Dan - Middle of, WI
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Comments: 3

A fantastic song that I had always hoped Rick would break out and play live the way he did with some of his other material when he toured with Gilmour. Since David did Wots...from this album recently, I had some hope for this one...a pity...I had also hoped they might give the mix on this album an overhaul one day...it's a little thin sounding (as Roger agrees if you carefully listen to some of his comments during the Pompeii film)Terry - Wickford, Ri
Obscured is a much too over looked album full of wonderful songs that were written and recorded in a very short period of time. Stay has always been one of favorites from this album.Kevin - Ellicott City, Md
I've always loved this song. It's my second favorite song on the Obscured By Clouds album (behind Wots Uh The Deal). I love Rick Wright's vocals on this tune.Dogma - Alexandria, La
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