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Kill All Your Friends by My Chemical Romance

Album: The Black ParadeReleased: 2006
  • This song is about how the only time you see all your friends is when one of them dies - and how you want to party when it's over. So why not just kill your friends to save time. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ang - St. Louis, MO
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Comments: 19

This song really speaks to me and has helped me through some tough times. It relates perfectly to a past situation in my life. Back in my freshman year of high school, I had a group of friends who were my best friends at the time. At one point in the year I started dating a guy in the group, but by second semester we broke up and didn't talk to each other anymore. Because of that and other reasons, our group started to drift farther and farther apart, and at the end of the year we made a time capsule together and buried it. We were supposed to uncover it half a year ago, before going our separate ways to college, but we haven't in years and its as if our friendship was buried with that time capsule. Every time I hear this song I think of the friends and relationships I have lost and how they seem irreparable. And it's still painful to think about, but this song makes me happier. Because it acknowledges that we WERE friends at one point and that it is a part of our past. In a way, we are together in that we got together to bury our past "we all get together when we bury our friends." Every word of this song speaks to me like no other. I love you MCR, thank you for giving me something no one else has before; For giving me something that makes me feel understood in this joyful unforgiving world.Diana - Lake Zurich, Il
This song was one of my first by mcr, me and my friends love it, but we sure attract some attention at school while we run around singing it word by wordRae - Buxton, Nc
part of the song sounds like the beatles let it be! wierd , huh? but i still love this song!!!Vicky - Chesapeake, Va
i really love this song........One time i was singing it on the bus ad people were giving me weird looks O.o..xDDiana - Ridgefield, Ct
I think what he means by "Kill All Your Friends" is find a way to get back together. It's sad, but these days, it seems like we only come together when someone else dies...Jess - Milton, Nh
"Kill all your friends" isn't about killing. I think it might be about old friends, who went their seperate ways. It sounds like the person is finally telling someone what they think of them, that they think what they've done is sad, selfish and stupid. It makes several references to song writers and poets who write things that exploit things people go through without a full understanding of it. It's about fighting the stereotypes, conformists and pretence to get to the truth in peoples minds. But it's made harder by the fact that there was once a relationship between them and they both still hurt from that.Rose - Dumfries, United Kingdom
I agree with the first comment. (i think) that is exactly what Gerard Way meant this song to mean. Isn't this song on the Black parade album too? Its to bad the black parade is dead. thats my favorite album from them. =(Katie - Central Falls, Ri
It seems to be about relationships between friends, it definately reminds me of my group of friends XD

Like, a really cynical, sarcastic song about relationships between friends, how people tend to be so ugly towards each other, backstabbing, bitching, using each other for personal gain etc.
How people "scrape and sink so low" etc.

So yeah, I think its looking at how people treat each other these days...doesn't quite fit into the concept of TBP so they left it out.
Ed - Rugby, England
I like to think that teenagers of today are granted a little bit more intelligence that if they like a song that happens to be called Kill All Your Friends they don't literally go out and kill all their friends. It really upsets me when these teengers go on shooting sprees and people just blame the music like they can't be bothered to look any deeper into why they were so upset.Hannah - Hampshire, England
this song reminds me of death cab a bit for some reasonBrian - Alluhrst, Nj
leila, i tend to disagree. i am an american teenager and i believe that its actually quiet the opposite to things. really listening to the music helps you feel somewhat better, not telling you to kill someone. and seriously if your having those ideas you should see someone about it.

Cant blame a person or persons for someones mental break down when it comes to interpretation of art. its like sueing andy warhol because his picture of a cambell soup can makes you go can someone to death! person accountablity.
Mandy - Philadelphia, Pa
LOVE mikey in this one!! I think this is one of the easiest songs to understand for me... like no killing 1000 people and stuff...love this songSkyttles - Poolpartytopia, Czech Republic
The reason why kids shoot up their schools is because guns are not allowed in school so the shooters know that nobody is packing so they shoot up the school. Stricker gun laws are not helping, but neither will make everybody have a gun. Also listening to violent music, watching violent movies or tv shows, or playing violent games is not going to make a person kill other people. Only someone who is unhinged would kill people over a song.Amber - Birmingham, Al
Yeah, listening to violent music is SO gonna turn people into homicidal maniacs. *eyeroll*

Ok, maybe if there was something wrong with the person in the first place, but I don't think a sane person would kill someone just because a song 'told' him to. -.-;
Chae - Chicago, Il
not that im blaming mcr exactly.. but why does everyone wonder why so many screwed up american kids shoot up their schools with this music around.. they probaly hear it - think, well why not, go out and have a shooting spree - and then america shows how stupid it really is by saying "but we didn't think that allowing guns all over the place and having songs telling kids to kill all their friends would result in 100's of innocent lost lives"

wake up america and get a life.
Leila - Perth, Wa, Australia
worst song lyrically?

its really good!

love the bass line XD

Loz - Perth, Australia
hey nate, this is a bonus song from the Famous Last Words single. you can download it from seek a song... hmm i might go and download it now or tomorrow? Mama music video: dabuting November 12!V-starr - ?????????, Mi
what album is this on?Nate - Cedar Crest, Nm
worst song lyrically.
but still a great listen.
Ed - Rugby, England
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