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1973 by James Blunt

Album: All The Lost SoulsReleased: 2007Charted:
  • This song is a celebration of good times spent in the Pacha nightclub on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. After 2 years on the road promoting his debut album, James Blunt retreated to a house he'd bought on Ibiza. There he took stock and wrote songs for his new album. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England
  • According to Blunt, the girl "Simona" mentioned several times in the lyrics was based on a real woman whom he met at a club.
  • This hit #1 in a number of countries including Italy, Switzerland and Belgium and in addition topped the European singles chart.
  • ilikemusic.com asked James Blunt what 1973 meant to him personally. He replied: "Well I was born in 1978. So I wrote it about a girl called Simona in a song about a nostalgic moment - it's a celebration of something we did last year in Ibiza. And Pacha originally opened in 1973, but 1973 was also a great year for music, so many fantastic albums came out at that time."
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Comments: 14

1973 is my favorite song. I can just close my eyes and listening to this song, then it feels I'm travelling so far away, flashback, revisiting all memories I have with my mother. This is our favorite song to listen, whenever we both have trip together, through mountainous road between Yogyakarta and Semarang, seeing old buildings around, which probably have been built far before year 1973. James Blunt's song, 1973, is so much meaningful to me. Everytime I hear that, it makes me wanna say this to my mother, over and over again, "I love you, Simona. Here we go again, Ma"Peping - Guangzhou, China
"Here We Go Again" is the title of an earlier James Blunt song.Lori - Alexandria, Va
To run off the emotions of the lyrics. We all have had that moment where we are at a place not close to home. In that moment we have met someone that you talked with, maybe attracted to, either way had a good time. Go back to that time in your head and you usually get a smile. He could have named in "1910" if he wanted. The title doesn't mean anything, the lyrics do.Jeff - Kingston, Tn
This song is clearly about a club named Pascha and his memories about that place.
I like the words, "Here we go Again"
It seems like "here we go again" means that whenever he thinks of that place.......his mind is full of nostalgice memories.

In 1973 here we go Again!
Samir - Gangtok, India
Just to add to Lori's answer to Nikki. As well as chaning it to Blunt so it isnt always mispronouced. 'Blount' is still his legal name but still calls himself by Blunt as he didnt want to have to spell it out every time he got asked his name.Tom - Stoke-on-trent, United Kingdom
Thanks, Lori, for answering NIkki's question. I've been waiting for it! :)Runnawaygrrl - Sydney, Australia
I was also born in 1973...this song reminds me alot of Andy Gibb. Also, the ilikemusic.com interview quotes James Blunt as being born in 1978, when in fact his real birthdate is Feb.22nd, 1974. Great song, a real throwback for all the right reasons!Lefty_2ndbaseman - Chicago, Il
Nikki, the name is really "Blount", but it's pronounced B-L-U-N-T (not the "ou" sound as in "ouch"). The musician changed the spelling so that his name wouldn't be constantly mispronounced.Lori - Alexandria, Va
Well, I'm a Brazilian-born guy who was actually born in 1973, so this is a great song to me!Alexandre - Santos, Brazil
Does anyone know why some poeple spell Blunt as Blount and it's often in print too. I wanna know what James would have thought about it. Also, did you know that when he records his songs, he does it naked?Nikki - Hell, Mi
I like this song, I think most of us can relate to having the memory of someone we met once or somebody we used to know, and even though you don't see that person anymore, there was a certain point in history where you were close to varying degrees, and so whenever you think of that person now it's always back at that point in time again.Ben - Gosford, Australia
It's almost like the video is showing a dream of a girl vs. reality (the 70's part the dream, now is the reality) As the song progresses through, he tells that he would, simply put, have a good time. At the very end of the video he gets so close to the girl and involved in his dream that he thinks he will get the girl, but reality kicks in for the last time and he realizes that she's never going to be his.Zack - Lancaster, Pa
I don't like this song.. it's really BORING!! It gets into my nerves...Vicky - Larissa, Greece
recollection of "high" memories...Richel - Santa Ana, Ca
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