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Bell Boy by The Who

Album: QuadropheniaReleased: 1973
  • This is Keith Moon's song on Quadrophenia. It's about the main character Jimmy meeting an old mod "Ace Face," or leader. However, he finds out that the Ace Face has given up music, and now he works at a hotel that a mod gang happened to destroy a few years back. Keith Moon does most of the vocals on the song. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bryan - New York, NY
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Comments: 6

In the song when Keith Moon sings "Bell Boy", that is part in the movie Quadrophenia when Jimmy sees Ace Face and yells "Bell Boy" in disgrace and disappointment.George - Los Angeles, California
The album in general was the story of a man with four personalities, each one modeled after a different band member. This was Keith's personality in Jimmy being shown.Ben - Glen Rock , Nj
I must agree. Keith Moon is the greatest drummer of all time. He created his own style, and did things that changed the way people viewed the instument. And, above all, he was fast and always doing something amazing, whether the drum part was prominent or not.Roy - Granbania, Ma
Haha Keith Moon rocks. Best drummer ever. Not the best singer though, but that's what makes his voice perfect for this song. Keith Moon described his personality in the Quadrophenia booklet as "a bloody lunatic, I'll even carry your bags."Brad - Lexington, Ky
i just love this song!!
keith moon rocks, i don't know why they didn't let him sing in other songs :P
Carolina - Palm Springs, Ca
"I've got a job and newly born, you should see me dressed up in my uniform."Lester - New York City, Ny
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