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Joe The Georgian by Al Stewart

Album: Between The WarsReleased: 1995
  • The Georgian in question is Joseph Stalin, arguably the greatest mass murderer in history; here, some of his fellow conspirators - who later became his victims - are waiting in an ante-room to Hell for him to arrive, whereupon they will torture him for all eternity. They had quite a long wait, for although Stalin purged most of his enemies in the 1930s culminating with the murder of Leon Trotsky in Mexico in August 1940, he survived until March 1953 when he died at the reasonably advanced age of 74. There was some speculation that he was murdered but it was most likely he suffered a stroke. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Alexander - London, England
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Comments: 1

Great song by Al! Even for a guy who is known for writing historically-based songs, this one takes a unique and delightful view of Josef Stalin.Guy - Woodinville, Wa
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