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One Way Or Another



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This is about a stalker. The lyrics are very dark and go into detail about a guy with evil intentions, but the music is very light and catchy, which masked the meaning of the song. According to Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry, it was inspired by real events. She told Entertainment Weekly: "I was actually stalked by a nutjob, so it came out of a not-so-friendly personal event. I tried to inject a little levity into it to make it more lighthearted. It was a survival mechanism."
With radio-friendly songs like this, Blondie was one of the first Punk bands to have Pop success. They played clubs like CBGB's (stands for Country, BlueGrass, Blues) with bands like The Ramones and Television, but their songs were much lighter and led to mainstream acceptance. The Police and Talking Heads are other groups that came out of that scene.
This song was used in the Rugrats movie. (thanks, Bob - Santa Barbara, CA)
In 2013 the UK boyband One Direction recorded a new version mashing the song up with The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks." It was recorded to mark the 25th anniversary of the fundraising event Red Nose Day and was a hit in both the UK where it topped the chart and the US where it peaked at #13.
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Comments (8):

There was a movie called "Little Darlings" i think where theyh stole a bus and this song was playing. Every time I hear this song I see a freakin bus now wtf. Song is awesome.
- Jack, Mesa, AZ
EEEE, another stalker song to add to my list!
- Kate, Burnaby, Canada
This song is used as the theme tune for a comedy drama about a teenage lesbian set in Brighton called Sugar Rush. Dont think this was ever a single origanaly in Britain.Though I think it was in the 90s...Top Tune
- steve, kettering, England
Debbie talks about her stalker ex-boyfriend in Platinum Blonde "He worked at a job where he was inhaling chemical fumes all day, and then would drink at night, so he'd get really insane and then he'd start after me. You mean call you every hour on the hour or physically come after you? Both, I mean, everything. He was so wild, I had to move out of New Jersey!
- ian, norwich, England
More like about a girl with evil intentions, no?
- arka, Tokyo, Japan
I have never heard the full song .but i will one way or another
- zach, Kerrville, TX
This song is in Coyote Ugly. I think it's a good song.
- Jammie, Deckerville, MI
Recorded before stalking became illegal?
- Deana, Indianapolis, IN
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