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Red Hill Mining Town



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This is about the United Kingdom miners' strike of 1984. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had instituted a policy where mines that were considered unprofitable were shut down. Bono wanted to explore the impact the strike had on the miner's friends and families. (thanks, Richard - Newport, Isle of Wight, England)
This was going to be the second single off The Joshua Tree, but they decided not to perform this on tour and could not promote it effectively.
This was dropped from the set list of the Joshua Tree tour when they discovered during rehearsals that Bono could not hit the high notes consistently. As a result, it was never performed live.
A video was shot with director Neil Jordan. It was never released, as they were not happy with it and decided not to use the song as a single.
The song was inspired by Folk music. Bono wanted The Joshua Tree to explore various forms of American music they had encountered while touring there.
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Comments (11):

This was the favorite in my college days. All of us loved it. I think they should rework it somehow so that it can be performed live. I think it is more loved by fans than they realize. Joshua Tree equals college memories to me. I just feel it when I hear the album. I love the feeling.
- Karen, Kennett Square, PA
U2 Traveled the California desert with photographer Anton Corbijn while finishing this album.
A visit to the ghost town of Bodie CA and subsequent exposure to stories about certain residents there may have inspired these lyrics.
Beautiful and inspiring place
- Bert Van De Kamp, Den Bosch, Netherlands
This song never quite got the recognition it deserved. One of my favs from the joshua tree era!!!
- EDDIE, East Islip, NY
How come they called the album "The Joshua Tree"? I live in the desert and have seen many a Joshua Tree. Not too much else growing in the Mojave actually.
- Heather, Los Angeles, CA
i think the best line is: "we steep so low to reach so high" so true! love you bono!
- lily, godrics hallow, England
One of my fav' U2 songs. Great singing by Bone et al. I agree - very underrated song.
- Ray, Memphis, TN
Great song, wish it was released as a single only to add to the infamy of one of the greatest albums ever.
- nick, bridgeton, ME
one of the most underrated U2 songs
- jim, burlington, VT
An awesome song with a great chorus.
- Rick, humboldt, IA
Personally I think this song doesn't get the credit it deserves. It's one of my favorite songs on the Joshua Tree, Although all the songs on this album are great. I personally wish they would have released the video.
- Brett, Grand Rapids, MA
Another absolute GEM on the less-explored second side of this landmark classic album, which itself explores the American West. The second-side opener sets the tone with the hard realities of mining families even when there is work. It continues on, painting the images of the pain and struggles of the human experience onto a desolate and unforgiving desert landscape to which it is so desperately tied.
- Brian, Meriden, CT
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