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Busy Being Fabulous by Eagles

Album: Long Road Out Of EdenReleased: 2007
  • Don Henley, who performs lead vocals on this track, said of this in a Gold Radio interview with Nicky Horne: "a song the Stones could have done. Don's (Felder) idea to use the phrase and the verse was his. Glenn (Frey) ran with it and even though Don didn't like it or think it was good enough, Glenn kept working on it and filling in the holes in the lyrics. Industry people said it was a hit."
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Comments: 3

Steuart Smith also co-wrote with Don & Glenn!Ks_bittersweet - India
I bought tickets for their tour in Atlanta! It's on the first night! If they are not "Fabulous" I'll let you know! But I know they will be! MikeMike - Atlanta, Ga
This song is absolutely amazing. Have been an Eagles fan all of my life and think this is one of their best. The new album is also fantastic!Kylie - Liverpool, England
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