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Viva Las Vegas


Elvis Presley

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This features Glen Campbell on guitar. Before he became a successful Country/Pop recording artist, Glen Campbell was much in demand as a session guitarist in the mid 1960s. He even briefly replaced Brian Wilson in The Beach Boys in 1965. Campbell first met Elvis in Albuquerque in 1957 when he was 21 and they stayed in touch. He recalled to UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph in a 2011 interview: "We both come up the same way, in the sticks. Elvis was a great singer, he really was. I wanted to play the guitar more so than I did singing. He was a great guy."
This was written by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman as the title song for the film of the same name staring Elvis Presley. Among the other songs they wrote for Presley were the hits "Little Sister," "Suspicion," "Surrender" and "His Latest Flame (Marie's The Name)."
The song is featured twice in the film The Big Lebowski. During the film it is performed by a Rock band called Big Johnson featuring Bunny Lebowski, the wife of Big Lebowski. During the closing credits Shawn Colvin performs a softer version.
Viva Las Vegas was the most successful of the 31 films Elvis starred in, returning more than $5 million to MGM Studios on an investment of less than $1 million.
The song was revived by ZZ Top, who took it to #10 in the UK in 1992.
As part of a series of re-releases of Elvis songs in the UK in 2007, this re-entered the UK chart at #15, two places higher than its original chart placing of #17 in 1964.
The Pfizer drug company used this song in a commercial for their erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, changing the lyrics to "Viva Viagra." The ad generated a fair share of buzz, as some Elvis fans were dismayed to see his song transformed into an ode to Viagra.
Elvis Presley
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Comments (7):

For the record.....Billy Strange plays the lead guitar in Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas" .
- Jerry, Nashville , TN
Bruce Springsteen has performed this song in six different concerts; the last two times in concerts in Las Vegas itself...
- Barry, Sauquoit, NY
You know those viagra commercials are ironic. middle aged men who get together to sing happily about not being able to get an erection. I hope they are very happy together
- Matt, Houston, TX
A part of this song was heard in the movie "Looney Tunes: Back in Action".
- Ken, Louisville, KY
Elvis has to be rolling over in his grave every time that "Viva Viagra" ad appears on TV...
- Chris, Cleveland, OH
The ZZ Top version is found as a bonus track on their Greatest Hits CD, also released in 1992.
- Joshua, La Crosse, WI
The punk group The Dead Kennedys recorded this as the last song on their Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables album. They changed the lyric: "Let me shout a seven with evry shot" to "Got coke up my nose to dry away the snot"!
- Mark, London, England
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