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Walk Away From The Sun by Seether

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative SpacesReleased: 2007
  • This was written by Seether frontman Shaun Morgan years before it was recorded. Bassist Dale Stewart explained on theywillrockyou.com the evolution of the song from how it was originally written: "It did change a lot. I think it was just a riff he had. We've jammed on that riff a lot in the past but nothing has really ever come from it. We've always like the guitar part and Shaun was telling me that he had it in his head when he came out of rehab and the first song he sang on was that chord progression and wrote the chorus for it as well and the song was born. It was pretty much the first song we wrote for the album."
  • In the same interview Dale Stewart explained the background to the album title: "I think basically the album title encompasses the last year in the life of Seether. I think that it sums up the recording process, the writing process, there was a lot of negative things if you will, that happened, and it was a rough year for us and the beauty that we found was the music and the album. It was the inspiration behind it all, if something bad happens or you're angry you'll express yourself through music, maybe write a song or make an album in this case, that's the beauty that came out of all of the bad things that happened."
  • Shaun Morgan explained on his record label's website why he had the music for this for so long before he recording it: "I never got around to finishing it. That was one of the songs that I finished in rehab. And when I came out it sort of fell into place. Everything just worked. And John (Humphrey, drummer) came to me and said, 'Man that sounds really grown up.'"
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