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Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) by Vertical Horizon

Album: Everything You WantReleased: 1999Charted:
  • Written by Vertical Horizon singer/guitarist Matt Scannell, this is a song about a guy was in love with a girl, but they broke up. Now he is reflecting on how he doesn't want her back, although she's the best he ever had. >>
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    tello - nyc, NY
  • Country singer Gary Allan recorded this for his 2005 album Tough All Over.
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Comments: 5

Gary Allan recorded his version of this heartbreaking song shortly after his wife's suicide.Aj - Orange County, Ca
I think he progresses through several stages throughout the course of the song. The lyrical differences in the chorus seem to show that his opinion of the breakup are changing. In the first verse, he's sad and angry about it. He points out that she doesn't want him back, even though she was the best he ever had. This phrase ("You're only the best I ever had") is very sarcastic at this point in the song. She feels like its not a big deal while he feels the opposite. In the second verse, he's less sad and more angry. The second chorus changes to "You don't need me back." This implies that he realizes that she doesn't need him, and he might not need her either, but he would much rather be with her. The phrase "You're only the best I ever had" takes the tone of "We don't need each other, but you're still the best I ever had." In the third verse and chorus, he accepts what happened and realizes that he is better off. "I don't want you back" implies that he knows now that he's better off without her. To me, in this verse "You're only the best I ever had" seems to say that she's the best he ever had, and nothing more. I think that he believes that while she was the best he ever had, there is someone out there who can be better for him. Just my thoughts.Nick - Landisburg, Pa
'I don't want you back... You're just the best I ever had...'Jonathan - Fayetteville, Nc
i listened to this song when me and my boyfriend broke up.
i love this song
Becca - Owego, Ny
My exboyfriend recently contacted me and told me to listen to this song. It takes my breath away. I love it.Ann - Spanaway, Wa
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