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The Grand Illusion by Styx

Album: The Grand IllusionReleased: 1977
  • The "Grand Illusion" is the world as framed by the media. The song was written and sung by Styx keyboard player Dennis DeYoung, who told Rock Cellar magazine: "'The Grand Illusion' was my way of expressing to the audience that the pressure that is put on them by advertising, media and yes, rock stars, to believe in an illusion that really does not exist was not healthy for them. I was trying to point out to them that simply they shouldn’t believe the myths that other people create for them and they should understand that it really is in some ways a form of entertainment or simply advertising."
  • In a 1978 radio interview, Dennis DeYoung explained how he told a friend that he wanted to title a song "The Grand Illusion." Some time later, Dennis was talking to this friend on the phone and the friend said, "Hey, whatever happened to that song idea you had about a grand illusion?" Dennis said, "Man, I forgot all about that." He hung up the phone and went to work. He already had the music, so he started playing the tune and the words to "The Grand Illusion" came out. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Steve - St. Louis, MO
  • Styx had good reason to take on the media: critics were brutal to the band. In this song, they take away their power by painting what they do as an illusion.
  • Tommy Shaw grew irritated with many of Dennis DeYoung's bombastic songs and grand concepts, but he appreciated the sentiment of this one. "This profession can really play tricks on your head," he said. "You're out there on stage being what everybody wants you to be but behind that facade you're still trying to be the same person you've always been."
  • The album The Grand Illusion was released on July 7, 1977, (7-7-77), and it was Styx's 7th studio album released. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Randy - Colerain Twp., OH
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Comments: 7

thanks sam for bringing up the bad luck they had in later years. seriously I was at the concert in Mancos, Co where a random gust of wind from a summer thunderstorm blew over the roof on the stage they were playing on injuring a couple band membersJustin - Durango, Co
Due to the ipod generation, my daughter,13, discovered styx on mine. She loves most of the same songs I do. I plan to take her to a concert if they get to this area again. I missed them when they were at Ball St.Kent - Fort Wayne, In
Was checking out artistfacts on the band------didn't know in later years all the bad luck they encountered. That's really a shame.Sam - Hipsville, Ca
My uncle got me into styx, loved em ever since, saw them live when i was seven, then 10 years later at seventeen, great live showCody - Janesville , Wi
Wow that's cool about the letter, Eddie! I went next door to my neighbor's house who had a killer stereo and he played me this title track and I was BLOWN AWAY! I was just a kid so it had MAJOR impact.Don - San Antonio, Tx
styx is so cool!Mara - Coruscant, England
When I was 9 years old, I looked at the back of "The Grand Illusion" album, and found an address to which I could write Styx, which I promptly did.
It wasn't the first time I had written to a band, but it was the first time I got an actual written reply. It was obviously not a form letter, because various questions I had asked in my letter (including when were they releasing a live album) were answeed.
Eddie - Acton, Me
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