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Solar Prestige A Gammon by Elton John

Album: CaribouReleased: 1974
  • In Elizabeth Rosenthal's biography His Song: The Musical Journey of Elton John, it is revealed that this song was inspired by "Sun King" from The Beatles Abbey Road album. Elton said: "I thought it would be great to write a song with English words that didn't mean a thing, but that sounded fantastic when put together..." (thanks, Alexander - London, England)
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Comments: 2

Loved this song even though i have no clue what the heck its about. Again Elton and Bernie kick ass. - chezchez, bronx, nyChezchez - New York, Ny
I heard that this song was actually a "friendly" competition between Elton John and Bernie Taupin, in which Elton bet his buddy that he could make a song sound good musically, even if the lyrics were absolute gibberish.Tony - Red Deer, Ab
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