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I Drink Alone by George Thorogood

Album: MaverickReleased: 1985
  • A huge fan of Blues music, Thorogood often sings about drinking, which is a common theme in the genrĂ© - one of his most popular songs is a cover of John Lee Hooker's "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer." In this song, Thorogood takes a self-deprecating approach as he sings about drinking, which is generally a social activity, is something he enjoys by himself. The song takes a humorous tone, as many of the lyrics incorporate a name of a drink. Budweiser is mentioned in the first verse, Jack Daniel's and Jim Beam in the second, Johnny Walker (Black label and Red label) in the third, and Old Grand Dad in the last. >>
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    E - danvas, MA
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Comments: 5

In response to the above songfact - Budweiser is in fact not mentioned in the song, though it does sound like it. The line is "Just me and good buddy Wiser" referring to J.P. Wiser's Whisky.Rick - Los Angeles
Old time blues, Thorogood style.Jim - West Palm Beach, Fl
I don't know about the Lee Marvin reference never heard the Grand-Dad, but I have a LIVE album of his and the last stanza is, "Now I have got me a pet up in my penthouse but he never does bothers me
He ain't no poodle, no pony, he's just a little old wild turkey And we drink alone, yeah, with nobody else That's the way I like it". LOVE the beat and the lyrics to this song!!
Leslie - San Juan Bautista, Ca
There's a video with Mr. Marvin in it, and him alone. It's killer, and that version mentions Wild Turkey.

Joey Ray Wms, Memphis, TN
Joey - Memphis, Tn
I had heard it was written about Lee Marvin. Also, had heard a version of the song that mentions Wild Turkey. Can't find it anywhere though.Tommy - Ny, Ny
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