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In My Life by The Beatles

Album: Rubber SoulReleased: 1965
  • This is an autobiographical song about John Lennon's life. He wrote most of the lyrics after being asked why a book he wrote, In His Own Write, revealed more about him than his songs did.
  • The lyrics about friends refer to Stu Sutcliffe, an early Beatle and great friend of John's who died in 1962, and another friend named Pete Shotton. Lennon also thought of his Aunt Mimi and wife Cynthia, as well as other friends. One of the most beautiful Beatles songs, John called it "A little piece of art work."
  • The Beatles left a hole for the instrumental break when they recorded this. Producer George Martin filled it in the next morning by playing a piano solo and speeding up the tape to make it sound like a harpsichord. Lennon had asked him to fill it with something "baroque."
  • This was one of George Harrison's favorites. The other Beatles were not pleased when he played it with different lyrics at one of his concerts in 1974.
  • Both Lennon and McCartney thought this was one of the best Beatles songs.
  • There is controversy over how involved McCartney was in writing this song. Lennon claimed in later interviews that he wrote the whole thing, while McCartney claimed it was an equal collaboration.
  • This was voted the best song of all time by a panel of songwriters in a 2000 Mojo magazine poll. The panelists included McCartney, Brian Wilson, Lamont Dozier, and Carole King.
  • Dave Matthews played this at the 2001 special Come Together: A Night For John Lennon's Words And Music. The song took on new meaning, as the show aired three weeks after the terrorist attacks on America.
  • Judy Collins, Ozzy Osbourne and Johnny Cash have all covered this. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Bertrand - Paris, France
  • According to John Lennon: The Life and Legend (The Sunday Times: A Special Tribute 1980), Lennon began writing this in 1964. He forgot about the song for a while and he wrote it again one year later, with lyrics talking about people from his childhood and younger years. In John's original handwritten lyrics he made reference to several places in Liverpool:

    Penny Lane is one I'm missing
    Up Church Rd to the clocktower
    In the circle of the abbey
    I have seen some happy hours

    Past the tramsheds with no trams
    On the 5 bus into town
    Past the Dutch and St. Columbus
    To the Dockers Umbrella that they pilled down

    The Dockers Umbrella was the world's first overhead railway (opened 1893). St. Columbus could refer to a school the bus passes. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ian - Norwich, England
  • The music was inspired by The Temptations song "You've Really Got A Hold On Me."
  • This song was played at Kurt Cobain's funeral. The Beatles were an early and important music influence on him. Cobain even cited Lennon as his "idol" in the various journals he kept throughout his career with Nirvana. >>
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    Ashlynd - Charleston, WV
  • In an interview in the January 1971 edition of Rolling Stone, John Lennon recalled the writing of this song: "I wrote that in Kenwood (his home at the time). I used to write upstairs where I had about ten Brunell tape recorders all linked up, I still have them, I'd mastered them over the period of a year or two - I could never make a rock and roll record but I could make some far out stuff on it. I wrote it upstairs, that was one where I wrote the lyrics first and then sang it." He added that was usually the case with songs such as this one and "Across the Universe" and "some of the ones that stand out a bit."
  • In a sign that Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You" is not somehow mandated as the background music for any death montage, James Taylor performed "In My Life" at the 2010 Oscars when they showed who died in the past year. Rests in the music were filled with dialogue from film clips. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Breanna - Henderson, NV
  • Frequent Beatles photographer Robert Freeman took the album's cover shot of the unsmiling band in front of a garden hedge at Lennon's estate in Weybridge (Surrey, England). The off-kilter effect came by accident when one of the slides slipped and fell backward, but the guys, particularly McCartney, loved it.
  • The distinctive bubble font on the cover of Rubber Soul was created by graphic designer Charles Front. >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France, for above 2
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Comments: 102

Love the piano break in the middle. Swear its a sample of Bach.Kieran - Brisbane, Australia
i read somewhere that john said the lyrics in the song referred to his friendship with his childhood best friend pete shotton. i was blown away by this fact, thinking this song had to be about a love of a woman in john's life. but when you think about it in those terms, to me, the song is even more moving poignant then if it wee about a love of a woman. what john is basically saying is i have loved a lot of people in my life, and i'll never forget them all, but above all, our friendship has meant more then any love i have ever had. whoa!Ron - Santa Barbara, Ca
This song is so emotinal I wanna' cry every time I hear it!Olivia - Philadelphia, Pa
Not to sound maudlin or morbid, but if I had my way, I would like three Beatles songs played at my funeral service: In My Life, The Inner Light and Let It Be, probably in that order. (Sorry, Ringo, but you just haven't recorded anything that significant to me.)Debbie - Fairmont Wv, Wv
I'm not sure, but I think the wrong lyrics are posted. I don't remember the exact title, but it was something like "Got to get you Into My Life", not the same song as In My Life.Susan - Hartland, Vt
Considered by many to be the greatest song ever written.It certainly is one of the greatest songs anyway you look at it.Lyrically and musically it is hard to beat.The music is so melodic,like classical pop,the lyrics are so meaningful like poetry.This is what the art of songwriting is about.George - Belleville, Nj
This is my favourite song Full Stop.
I told my four kids years ago to play it at my funeral
The DJ said this morning it was Johnny Cash's favourite Beatles song
Also I see on this page that George Harrison rated it as one his favourite songs
Isn't that AMAZING as we all are Pisces!!!!
Peter - Hamilton, New Zealand
This is one of my favourite Beatlesongs. Very beautiful and touching. One of John's best (though it wasn't all written by John, he had a bit of help from Paul), side to side with songs such as Imagine. It's a shame that it's so often forgotten. A beautiful song indeed.Julia - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Whenever I sing along with this song, I always say "In my life, I've loved you more", the first reason is that ever since I was young I thought those were the lyrics and I only just recently found that they were not, and the second is that it is just more appropriate with all of my life's situations that this could go for. I love this song.. It's my favourite and it's the first Beatles song I ever heard, and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did hear it.Lydia - Surrey, Bc
Sorry for getting all soppy, but reading some of the comments here about what this song means to people and how they are touched by it, has brought a little tear to my eye!It must be a great song to reach out to people like this and be moved by it. Well done the Fab Four, of all the great songs you gave us, this must be one of your best!Grant - Essex, United Kingdom
I first heard this song sung by Twiggy in the Muppet Shows almost 30 years ago. My first reaction, WOW! What a song. I didn't know that the song was penned by John Lennon. At that time, I just started a little bit interest in The Beatles. And the only songs I knew was Yesterday, Love Me Do and few others. When I knew that this is one of The Beatles' songs, it triggered me to know the band more and now I am really their big fans. No other band came close to what they did.Norman - Jakarta, Indonesia
This song will always be very special to me. My 17 year old son loved the Beatles. We chose to have this sung at his funeral.Susan - Arma, Ks
Wow... You can't just create this kind of emotion, Lennon writing this song must've been an act of God.Brad - Lexington, Ky
my girlfriend made me a scrapbook of us and gave it 2 me before we went to our diffrent schools, and the lyrics to this song were printed on the inside cover. it was such a perfect element, and touched me beautifully.Nick - Seattle, Albania
Matt: John is playing guitar on Bowie's cover of Across the Universe. He was very open to collaborating with many people. If he were alive today, I think he'd turn down Dave because Dave sucks. Not because he's against collaboration.Justin - Pittsgrove, Nj
They played this at my graduation in '77. We all had to dance with our enemies. I had to dance with a girl that pushed me off the swing in 5th grade. My best friend Natalie had to dance with her ex boyfriend Gregory from 7th grade. I don't know how the teachers figured out who the enemies were though.... :P THIS IS AN AMAZING SONG BY THE WAY.Jennette - Garden Grove, Ca
My friend is singing this in my wedding next month. I'm having her sing it as a prelude instead of during the ceremony, because I can't listen to this song without getting a little misty-eyed. I'm sure my feelings will be amplified several times over that day. ;)Lisa - Sauk City, Wi
The piano solo is indeed fantastic! It's like a butterfly flying through our memory lane. Very beautiful song...Edgar - Cebu, Other
Part in par to Beatle's success I think is that they based their style, chord structure and technique on classical music origins...senate format and ABABAC is used in Lucy in the Sky and such...and their lyrics are either based on or inspired by British literateure standards - Carroll, Wordsworth, Keats. And because they pulled things out of everyday life most people could relate to on some level. This isn't just music, it's the Human Story with a soundtrack!Linc - Beaumont, Tx
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!! This may sound emo but when I die I want this played at my funeral. *Pheh! Like Ill every die!*Zep - Cape May, Nj
I have a few versions of this fantastic song; First of all the original, of course;
Then very good versions, performed by;
JOhnny Cash, José Feliciano, Rod Stewart, Judy Collins, Susan Ashton & Gary Chapman.

If you know any other coverversions, please let me know! Thanks!
Patrick - Lokeren, --
I have a few versions of this fantastic song; First of all the original, of course;
Then very good versions, performed by;
JOhnny Cash, José Feliciano, Rod Stewart, Judy Collins, Susan Ashton & Gary Chapman.

If you know any other coverversions, please let me know! Thanks!
Patrick - Lokeren, --
one of the best beatles tracks,rod stewart and bonnie tyler both do great versions of this song alsoMark - Dublin, Ireland
"how the hell could these beatle guy's [sic] write such incredible forever great song's [sic] in the short span of 1963 to 1969!!!!! 200 SONG'S [sic]!!!"

I agree. We used to hang out for every new song and they came very regularly of course. The sh** between paul & John started to be documented in 1971 in Melody Maker etc but I never got to read the two sides of who wrote what etc. To listen now, John did most of singing even in White Album, and it was mainly straight till Donovan convinced him to "get out there" as per his books. So in 1967 we had the memourable strawberry fields etc while Paul went for the "sanitised" Penny Lane etc. And Paul came into his own with Let it Be, Hey Jude, etc, not to mention Yesterday and Michele. They were great times to live in
Brian - Cairns, Australia
This song was released I think 1965 and at 20 I had the most perfect girlfriend, a teenage model, but I knew I would never "hold on" to her and once conscripted for Vietnam it all ended.

But this song really meant so much to me, sort of anticipating John's words would come true eg "and some [memories] remain".

Finally "in my life I love you more" [or maybe just the nostalgia of the times, pre feminism, when all was so free] remain after 20 years of married "bliss" and 20 more years of divorced "much blisser". For sure there are still "places I remember in my life"

I get goose bumps whenever I play this on my IPod
Brian - Cairns, Australia
funny how some of the beatles best songs never reached the top of the charts. there should be a definitive beatles greatest hits. i guess it would be a little hard to choose.Adam - South Pasadena, Israel
how the hell could these beatle guy's write such incredible forever great song's in the short span of 1963 to 1969!!!!! 200 SONG'S!!! i can just hear the gossip in a hundred years about them like people say now that shakespeare didn't really write all his works. the Beatles were our own Brahms, Bethoven, and Bach.Chuck - La, Ca
One of the many Beatles songs that was never released as a single and still was a huge hit anyway. One of my favorites.Ron - Auburndale, Fl
I chose this song for my daughter and I to dance to at her wedding....It perfectly sums up my love for her, and my hopes for her future. She won't know what song I picked until the wedding, but I'm positive there won't be a dry eye in the place.Tony - Carlsbad, Ca
I haven't heard anything in the past 30 years that
has made me think or listen more intently than Imagine or In My Life. This is a song that almost
anyone with a love of life or music can identify
with except maybe Simon Cowell. Having served in
the military and in combat, I have seen and experienced the very worst that life can dish up.
This song reflects on those things in life that
actually define what life is really all about.
The melody haunts you....The lyrics are timeless.
It is indeed one of the greatest songs ever written and performed. As for me, I don't care
who has covered the song in the past or who may cover it in the future....No one will ever top the
original version of this song.
Dan - Oxford, Al
I agree, one of the best songs of all time!!! My wife and I also chose this as our wedding song 15 years ago, another reason for its greatness...it's timeless!
Any true Beatles fan can tell that it's Johns lyrics & Pauls music.
Mike - Watertown, Ny
Keith Moon did a cover of this song on his solo album, "Two Sides of the Moon".Meredith - Chesapeake, Va
This is a beautiful well sung well written song,like most Beatles songs! Matthew from New York, John was right,the only other artist his equal was Paul McCartney! He said in one of his last interviews,that he had 2 partners in his life,Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono,and he said thats not a bad record.Lucyinthesky - Philadelphia, Pa
This song is slightly more lively than the Rolling Stones' "As Tears Go By", but they are basically the same style. When I hear one of them, it always reminds me of the other.Andrew - Birmingham, United States
When my daughter was born, she was delivered by C-Section. I was in the delivery room and got to hold her. Once she was bundled up, the Dr. said I should take her out to the waiting area while they closed the incision. I took her out and held her. I sat there with tears rolling down my face and sang this song to her. I thought it should be the first. I still do.Charles - Bronxville, Ny
Who is singing this song? It sounds like John, but I can't truly tell.Nathan - Austin, Tx
When I was in high school my friend and I used this track on the video yearbook we were compiling. We had the track laid down on the video and then we laid the video down on top of it, so we kept moving the music backwards and forwards. At one point when we moved it backwards we clearly heard the line "Her beauty arises forever." WEIRD!! Hey Gretel are you out there somewhere and do you remember this???Becky - Pittsburgh, Pa
I couldn't have said it better, Mister P. I heard this song while growing up and never thought too much about it. When I was about 20 I heard an entertainer sing the song with such reserved feeling that it brought tears to my eyes. Since then, I loved this song. At 46, the song still makes me reflect on the true and good life I have lived. We all have things to remember with fondness, to miss with sadness, and if we're fortunate, to love with our whole heart in our lives.
John Martin, Fort Worth, Texas
John - Fort Worth, Tx
As fine a song as ever penned. It took several decades of maturing for its lyrics to finally hit me. I don't know how such a young man could create such mature lyrics.Mister P - Magnolia, Tx
A very great song. John Lennon voice is dramatic, the guitar is played very simply. Georges Martin added some "Mozart" feel with the organ. What a great songR - Montreal, Qc, Canada
The old saw about Lennon writing words and McCartney music is largely untrue. They generally started compositions separately and then helped each other finish them. The melody to this is similar to 'Girl' and a lot of other Lennon tunes. A good rule of thumb: the vocals in a Beatles song indicate its composer. Macca helped finish it and sang some great background flourishes.Jim - Boston, Ma
OMG! i know! i love Little Manhattan!
its sooooo cute!
Julie Michelle - St. Louis, Mo
This song was also featured in the movie "Little Manhattan"Ruby - Cc, Tx
Wow, This song is the best.Sunshine - Los Angeles, Ca
Although you fancy someone else, this song is still for you (.) mr.....
Have lost friends and relatives through death and separation. This song is so honestly written.
Annie - London
A beautiful piece of music--written by a genius and prolific musician. My favourite Beatle song. this is for you...(.).Annie - London, Finland
I insisted this song be sang at my wedding, although the church had to get approval for secular music. Luckily the priest was a Beatles fan and approved it immediately! It was a beautiful version (although not as good as the original, of course) and so touching. A dear family friend had died a month before the wedding, and when the vocalist got to "some are dead and some are living" I just lost it. My sweet husband understood I wasn't really crying about him and gave me a wink and a smile.

That's my only vivid memory of my wedding.
Dorinda - Smyrna, Ga
The female artist referred to above was none other than Bette Middler, a very good version but does not match the original.David - Adelaide, Australia
Stephen Stills did a pretty good version of this... but Lennon's version will always be better.Sara - Nashville, Tn
This is the song they played at my brother's funeral. I, like most people, have never really heard it before. It makes me cry each time I hear it because it reminds me of him obviously. "Some forever not for better"... I do remember the good and bad. Regardless of what it is about it is special to me. And in my life, I did love him more.Zann - Louisville, Ky
In John's handwritten original lyrics he made reference to his childhood in Liverpool. He discarded the following :

Penny Lane is one I'm missing
Up Church Rd to the clocktower
In the circle of the abbey
I have seen some happy hours

Past the tramsheds with no trams
On the 5 bus into town
Past the Dutch and St Columbus
To the Dockers Umbrella that they pulled down

- the Dockers Umbrella was the first overhead railway in the world (opened 1893) - I think St Columbus is a school.
Ian - Norwich, England
This song is the most amazing, and well written song I have ever heard. I loved this song from the very first time I ever heard it, and will until I die. This song has powerful emotions, and is able to adapt with yourself in many ways! Hands down, best song of all time...Jeremy - Northglenn, Co
Dave Mathews HAHAHA RIGHT give me a break he had the best partner possible in Mccartney why would he want Mathews hahahaFrank - Las Vegas, Nv
Being a Beatle Entusiast and a Musician It sounds Like Johns words Pauls tune. Paul and Ringo said thats how it came about and from the sounds of it that seems rightFrank - Las Vegas, Nv
I love the Beatles, and I love the Dave Matthews Band, DMB's version of this song is amazing, I get my favorite artist and my favorite song in one..I too believe that John and Dave would have made beautiful music together.
Angie, Philadelphia PA
Angie - Philadelphia, Pa
Hard to tell who wrote this one exactly. It's a great great song anyway. I would give John the main credit, although Paul helped with this, it's John's original idea. But is has got to be a bit co-written.Bram - Zoetermeer, Netherlands
My favourite Beatles song. Its the song that opens my barmitzvah video.Jordan - Toronto, Canada
there's lots of people writing comments on this song. which indicates it's either one of the best songs or one of the worst songs ever written. i agree to the first. the lyrics are simply honest and beautiful. i love this song!Ellen - Graz, Austria
What a great song! The instruments are beautiful, and the lyrics are very deep and meaningful. The piano solo is fantastic!Ian - Lethbridge, Canada
This is indeed a great song like so many of you have said. I've heard the version by Ozzy Osbourne, and I have to say that it is actually pretty well done. I still think the original is better, though. By the way, the a capella group Rockapella includes this song in their "Beatles' Medley" - good stuff.Matt - Slaton, Tx
you are all wrong, this song was written about ringo and his lover soon after he came out of the closetHaywood Jablomey - Hartford, Ct
Really nice song. Love the very beginning.Sylvia - London, England
This is my favorite Beatles song- which makes it one of my favorite songs period.Matthew Doroshow - Philadelphia, Pa
Erin: the version on The Wonder Years was sung by Judy Collins.Jd - ., Australia
oh man. this is such a great song. <33333. link to listen: http://www.djconstruction.biz/11___in_my_life.mp3 [have to have realplayer, of course]. geez. this is one of the first beatles songs i learnedthat wasn't way famous, the kind everyone knew like hey jude or yellow submarine. oh my god. this song could make me cry. it's so well written.Sarah - Pittsburgh, Pa
Simply.... Perfection! One of my all time favorites.Mike - Newark, Nd
One of the things I like best about this song is Paul singing the harmony with John. Has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to sing the harmony part on this song? It's difficult to tell and figure out the notes by ear. At least, that's what I think.Ryan - Chardon, Oh
This is pure genius, the words, the lyrics, and the marriage of the two. In my life, I love you more. The song is such a simple concept. I have a hard time coming up with what Beatle song is the best, or my favorite, but I would never argue with Dave from Washington. It is at the very least ONE of my favorites. Good pick, Dave.Lee - Clearwater, Fl
John & Paul have given several different versions about the lyrics and music for their songs. Recently Paul has stated that everything in the Playboy with John is 100% fact. In the interview Paul also list John as having the most influence on his music. Several books, most notably "All you need is Ears" by George Martin give 100% credit to John for the music and lyrics. Since John, Paul, & George Martin were there when history was being made, I believe there versions of how "IN MY LIFE" was created.David - Oakland, Tn
There is controversy regarding McCarney's contribution to the writing of the song. In one interview, Lennon cited McCartney as the one who wrote the music to Lennon's lyric.Barry - New York, Nc
I really think this is one of John Lennon's best songs. I started listening to the Beatles when I was ten. I'm thirteen now,and I have looked at music more scince I've listened to the Beatles. I even play the bass now. My best friends and I will luv the Beatles 4-ever!Marilynn - Winchester, Va
This was also the theme song from the NBC show Providence.Amy - Smithville, Tn
this song goes down as one of the best i've listened to, which is crazy cause I love I am the walrus by the beatles which is a giant jump between songs well I would thinkGrey-ham - Comox, B.c, Canada
This is #23 in Rolling Stone's list of 500 greatest songs.Ross - Independence, Mo
this is a great song, actually a terrific song. Yes i love playing it on guitar, it is well worth it. if anybody gets a beatles book with songs for guitar, play this song. it is a very touching soung. hey im 17 yrs old so im a teenager liliana. ok well all i can say is this is probably the best song from rubber soul. this is when thier music started to change for the better.Paul - Flagstaff, Az
This was my graduation song. We had a great music teacher this year who likes the beatles and he chose this one. Thank you Mr. Tolen if you read this. I cried it was so touching. That was a problem since I was playing guitar! And my awesome and talented music teacher played the "hole" piano solo. It was just plain cool.Laura - Santa Fe, Nm
Ozzy Osbourne sings this song on his new box set, prince of darknessJorge - Illinois, Il
The most favorite out of my favorite Beatles songs, it reminds me of my own life. I'm only 17, and The Beatles were something I just got into recently and I have to say they are fab! In My Life is my favorite of all the songs.Melissa - Chicago, Il
Great song....Johnny Cash (as someone also noted) does a Great version as does Bette Midler on For the Boys Soundtrack. A little morbid, I want ti song played at my funeral though!John - Philadelphia, Pa
rolling stone, in their top 500 songs of all time issue, voted this as the 23rd bestSteve - New York City, Ny
anyone hear Ozzy's version of this song on Prince of Darkness? WEIRD!!!Rob - Chicago, Il
My favorite Beatles song. Also, check out Johnny Cash's cover of it on "The Man Comes Around"Adam - Poplar Bluff, Mo
One of a long list of works of genius from Mr.Lennon. In my opinion, probably the most complete song he ever wrote and fittingly used at the beginning of the Anthology DVD. Its hard to believe this was written by a man in his mid-20s.Daniel - Leeds, England
My wife and I choose to use this song at our Wedding also - we played it for the bridesmades and ushers to dance to. People often stop and talk about it.. HEHE - little play on words there. PEACE - STOP THE HATE - STOP THE WARBill - Boston, Ma
Judy Collins covers this song on her "Colors of the Day" album. She also had an album in 1966 entitled "In My Life." Could she possibly be the "female vocalist" you were referring to Erin?Nicole - Apple Valley, Mn
This is SUCH a beautiful song! My favorite recording of this is by Judy Collins.Jo - Toronto, Canada
That's so interesting about George Martin recording the instrumental separately and dubbing it in. I always thought it sounded like it was put in for effect only. It doesn't appear in the rest of the song so there's no continuity of that sound. It sounds out of place.Jo - Toronto, Canada
Oh-and Julian played drum on Ya Ya on Walls and Bridges. lolAlan - City, Mi
The lyrics are absolutely cosmic. In the written history of mankind, three themes constantly resurface: life, love, and death. John Lennon was able to capture, in simple but profoundly touching words, how these issues transcend each other. The world went on for thousands of years before the Beatles, somehow, but it won't go on without them.
Tony, Mansfield, OH
Boob - Jackford, Me
Actually, John wrote the lyrics and Paul wrote the music. Paul was at John's house and reminded John of the theme that he (John)had about his life. Paul suggested that they put it in a song. Paul used a melotron to write the melody.

Stevo, Cincinnati, OH
Steve - Cincinnati, Oh
Haha. Liliana you made me laugh "he was only 39 - - I'm 15". Dunno why but I found the lack of relevance amusing. I'm sure there's loads of other teenagers on this site - I'm 16 and all my friends (well most of) like The Beatles. They are the foundation of modern music. Hey people should check this out-
It's supposedly an account from George Harrison admitting that Paul is Dead, and is actually a lookalike. I don't buy it though.
James - Bransgore, England
well, it's been covered by alot of artists, one of my favorite is the version of Laurence Juber...Melvin - Sydney, Australia
this song was in my senior quote in my high school yearbook back in 2001, "There are places I remember, all my life, though some of changed ...." everytime i hear this song, i'm reminded of a friend of mine who died when I was 16. i remember you, Aaron ...Stephanie - Ellicott City, Md
This song was played on a few different episodes of The Wonder Years. If I'm not mistaken it was played in one of the later episodes and it was re-done by a female vocalist, but I've never been able to find that version.Erin - Pittsburgh, Pa
One of the best songs ever written. This song could be great, but only if preformed by the right person. I would love to hear a re-make of this song, sung not sopken like it is by Sean Connery on George Martin's new CD, In My LIfe.Gavin - Hampden, Ma
John also did some live shows with Zappa in the 70s.Matt - Durham, Nh
This one's definitely in the top 5 Beatles songs of all time.Paulo - New York, Ny
This is my favourite Beatles song ever!
The lyrics are beautiful. My boyfriend sang it to me on our 1st anniversary. It will be our wedding song!
Tessa - Ottawa, Canada
This is almost certainly the best song ever written. Its message is conveyed so simply, powerfully, and beautifully. I have never heard its equal.Dave - Washington, Dc
Actually, John Lennon collaborated with Elton John on "Whatever gets you through the night", and that song led to Lennon's final live performance. He made a bet with Elton John that if that song went to #1 US, he'd perform it live on stage with EJ.Gerald - Stockton, Ca
If John Lennon was alive today, I'm sorry, but I don't think he would be making music with Dave Matthews. Lennon made music with Yoko Ono, and other than her, he really did not feel anyone else was artistically on par with him (yes, he had some ego issues). He gave Bowie a riff for "Fame" and sang backup, and sang back up on Elton John's cover of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," but I think those were his only two non-Yoko collaborations after the Beatles breakup. And knowing Lennon, he would have little desire to work with someone much younger like Matthews.Matthew - New York, Ny
Dave Matthews's cover of the song was moving and extremely appropriate. He and John could have made beautiful music together, were we lucky enough to still have John as part of this world.Erin - Latrobe, Pa
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