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Someone Like You


Van Morrison

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This tender, romantic ballad has featured in a number of films including Lawrence Kasdan's French Kiss (1995) and in Someone Like You starring Ashley Judd (2001).
Among the artists to cover this song are Dina Carroll, Vanessa Williams and Shawn Colvin. Dina Carroll's version peaked at #38 in the UK in 2001 after being featured in the hit film Bridget Jones' Diary. (thanks, Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England, for above 2)
Van Morrison
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Comments (3):

I first heard this song in 1991, when I was 11 years old and went to the see the movie "Only the Lonely" the movie starred the late & great John Candy.
It was played during a pivotal point in the movie when he had to make a choice in love.

At the time I never heard of this song or Morrison, my brother is the one that introduced me to Van by leaving his CD MOONDANCE behind one weekend home from college. I feel in love with his music that night.

But this song "SOmeone like you" always stuck with me. I love the lyrics and told a story of lost soul in some sense finally finding that one person that statisfies them. How many people can say and live that line?? Ha-HA..

This is the song I chose to dance at my wedding. The words describe my feelings for my lover/husband.

It's a great song. The last time I heard it was when my husband and I hanging out late one night drinking a beer at our neighbor's house and he decides to put this song on. It was so unscripted but so perfect. It felt great to hear it again under the moonlight with him again.
- MARI, austin, TX
This song describes how I feel about the love of my life..
- sarah, rome, PA
This was the song my wife and I chose to dance to at our wedding.
- Brad, Long Island, NY
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