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Best Of My Love by Eagles

Album: On The BorderReleased: 1974Charted:
  • On The Border was the Eagles third album, and like their first two, they started recording it in London with producer Glyn Johns. This time, the band abandoned the sessions and recorded most of the album with Bill Szymczyk. Glyn Johns thought of the Eagles as an acoustic act, and helped them create several hits with this sound, including "Witchy Woman" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling." The band members, especially Glenn Frey, thought they should be rocking harder, and the Eagles eventually found success with rockers like "Life In The Fast Lane" and "Heartache Tonight."

    This song was one of two that was leftover from the Glyn Johns sessions and included on On The Border, and it became the Eagles first #1 hit.
  • J.D. Souther, who was a good friend of Glenn Frey, helped write this song along with Frey and Don Henley (who sang lead). Other Eagles songs Souther contributed to include "Heartache Tonight," "New Kid In Town," "Victim Of Love" and "James Dean."
  • This song is often played at weddings and anywhere else one wants to demonstrate affection, but it's really a breakup song: "You see it your way, and I see it mine, and we both see it slipping away." No happy ending here, just a guy who gave it his best, but things didn't work out.

    According to Don Henley, he Souther and Frey wrote some of the lyrics over libations at the Los Angeles restaurant Dan Tana's where they were regulars. There, they studied women and relationships. Henley says they were "typical, frustrated, young men" at the time.
  • The phrase "Best Of My Love" conveys a powerful sentiment, and the title was used in 1977 for a disco song by The Emotions that also hit #1 in the US, marking the fist time that two different songs with the same title hit the top spot.
  • The distinctive steel guitar on this track was played by Bernie Leadon, the band member most influenced by country music.
  • On The Border came out in April 1974, but this song was not released as a single until November and didn't hit the top spot until late September. This helped keep the Eagles on the airwaves while they prepared their next album, One Of These Nights, which came out in June 1975.
  • According to Glenn Frey, he came up with the guitar part on this song when attempting to work with a tuning that Joni Mitchell showed him (he and Mitchell were a couple in 1973-1974). He ended up going into a totally different tuning and coming up with the sound.
  • The single was edited for radio. It was shorter with an earlier fade-out.
  • An unusual cover of this song was by the trumpet player Hugh Masekela, who recorded it on his 1977 album, Melody Maker.
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Comments: 14

I agree with oldpink below. How could anyone play this at a wedding? This is a sitting at the bar at 2 a.m. crying-jag getting ready to drunk-dial song. Don't lyrics mean anything? Reminds me of when Born in the USA came out and a lot of people sang along like it was an anthem to national pride and it was pretty much the opposite.Mrcleaveland - Cleveland,
What sets this song apart from a lot of other break-up songs is its casual sound. Most break-up songs are the firey, I-want-you-to-burn-in-hell-for-what-you-did-to-me tunes. "Best of My Love" has a resigned sound to it. Mentally and emotionally this couple has already gone their separate ways. All that's left is for them to physically move apart. The singer doesn't wish any ill-will towards his lover and takes the high road by saying he knows they were both trying but it wasn't enough. So some maturity there.Camille - Toronto, Oh
Another brilliant lyric of this song: "That same old crowd was like a cold, dark cloud that we could never rise above". Really a sad song when you think about it...a song that was co-written by J.D. Souther, Glenn Frey & Don Henley. This was The Eagles' first #1 record, as someone mentioned above.David - Honolulu, Hi
This is the best love song there was, the best love song there is, and the best love song there ever will be. Its amazing. Used to be my favourite song at a time but is now my second favourite. Great guitar, tune, vocals and lyrics. Just too good. The best tune ever.Mayank - Ranchi, India
On further reflection,not a torch song, but a post-mortem, bittersweet to the max.Tony - Eugene, Or
Played my guitar rendition of this one on my first real date with my future wife--she sang harmony. That fond memory aside, I really believe it's about a guy who can't let go of a failed relationship (what my parents' generation called a "torch" song). It kinda blew my mind to find out that it's used as a wedding song.Tony - Eugene, Or
The most sleep inducing song of all from The Eagles. I absolutely detest this song.Paul - Detroit, Mi
I have to disagree with some of the above which makes the song lyrics seem like a relationship that has no happy ending, the truth is the people aren't at the end of the relationship yet and the singer is making an effort to save the relationship rather than lose it.Ron - Pensacola, Fl
I once spent a weekend with a group of close friends at a southern ontario beach in the dead of winter (staying in a lovely cottage, not camping) and this song was on the radio all the time while we whiled away the time playing risk and walking in the snow under the influence of some mellow intoxicant. great memories.Rufus - Victoria, Canada
It really is strange that this would be used at weddings, since - as always - Henley's lyrics are clear enough that you need not peak at the CD booklet.
Why in the world would any thinking person want a breakup song for a wedding reception.
Whatever, though, it really is a beautiful, nicely filled out by Leadon's steel guitar, even if it is quite sad.
Oldpink - New Castle, In
This is one of Glenn's personal favourites from the Eagles; and he has good reason too.
Great song to relax to and it's very easy to drift away to sleep on a warm summer's day...
Marc - Springfield, Mb
This is a cute song. I know it's about breaking up but it's so sweet. I love itLiz - Smallville, Ks
This was coming out about the time I was leaving my wife's cousin! I really loved her, and I had a crush on her from the 8th grade. I finally got to date her from my senior year through Freshman year in College. But, I finally chose the right one! I'm sure I got the right one. We have been married for 31 years! MikeMike - Atlanta, Ga
Once again, billiant eveocative lyrics from our boys: "Beautiful faces and loud empty places, look at the way that we live, wastin' our time on cheap talk and wine, left us so little to give."Guy - Woodinville, Wa
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