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In Pieces by Linkin Park

Album: Minutes To MidnightReleased: 2007
  • Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington: "I got divorced recently and that was very difficult. I also got remarried so there was a big contrast in my life. For a while I couldn't be completely happy with the new life I was starting and I couldn't end the last one. This is a song about all of that."
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Comments: 8

I love this song! Has kind of a reggae feel to it in the verse. Great solo too, not very technical but still epic!Zero - Nowhere, Nj
This song... It's just amazing, I practiced it in 3 hours! I just <3 it.... I just can't resist lsteningTony - Waltham Cross, United Kingdom
I love this song!! It's one of my favorites off M2M and it really shows off Chesters voice.Caitlyn - Royersford, Pa
cn any1 tell me abt the whole lyf of chester???wikipedia doesnt xplain allElmer - Zamboanga, Philippines
this song is absolutely awsome I simply love it: a song that every person can relate to... when you feel abandoned or let down in any situation sit back and listen to this track... some how you will feel that every word of this song is for you and feel the adrenaline rush through you when he says "you promise me the sky then toss me like a stone" Its rather emotional but very well said.Yusuf - Durban, St. Helena
This song is awesome, especially the solo!Eddie Moran - Jupiter, Antartica
Totally agree, kid! Songs flippin' awesum!!!!Danielle W - Where The Heck Am I?, Mo
i love this song. its like an anthem for everyones breakupSamuel - Essex, United Kingdom
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