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Deep Inside Of You


Third Eye Blind

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This song is about a boy who is involved with a girl who has changed him for the better. All he can think about is how he wants to be deep inside of her soul. (thanks, jennifer - north augusta, SC)
Third Eye Blind
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Comments (9):

Gosh this song is depressing! Even though it was written in a sexual sense, if you interpret it emotionally it is tragically beautiful.. which sounds SO emo. But seriously, been there, done that. You can lose yourself in someone and be left hollow in the end.
- Emily, Ocean Springs, MS
I love this song! its so romantic and amazing. I love to listen to it constantly. The words are just so powerful and amazing. This is a deeply moving song! And my 3rd all time favorite!
- Mercedies, Soldotna, AK
i think this song is soooo romantic... "when we met, light was shed, thoughts free flow, you said you've got something deep inside of you"... i think it's all about getting so caught up in someone you just become obsessive and want to know everything about them and it hurts when you're not around them...
- chelle, hilo, CA
You know I used to love this song 'till I was at this concert and Stephan Jenkins said the true meaning of it. Basically he said that everyone thinks it means something but all it really is about is just that being "DEEP INSIDE OF YOU!" It took me awhile to get over this but the beauty of every song is you can interpret in your own way!
- steel-bender, columbus, OH
This is not a happy song, so don't smile when you sing it.
- Jonathan, Fayetteville, NC
"i would change myself if i could, i walk with my people if i could find them, then i say that im sorry to you...

and i don't want to call you, but then i want to call you, coz i dont want to crush you, but i feel like crushing you...

all the ironies and 'doubts' made her someone special, someone to be taken with sensitivity...
- Menard, Manila, Philippines
Theirs a verse in this song:
I've never felt alone
Till I met you
I'm alright on my own
And then I met you
And I'd know what to do
If I just knew what's coming
Which basically means he'd never known what it was to be truly alone, until he met this girl that not only changed his life, but how he felt all other emotions.
- Kellie, York Beach, ME
The bridge part of the song is god-like. The rest is pure annoyance. Just another garden variety sesame street punk band loaded with arrogance.
- Don, San Antonio, TX
Brilliant song. The words ALWAYS are profound. The song I THINK is about how two people had a sexual relationship and they suffer a harsh break up. The man changes for the relationship. He sacrifices a lot in her life to be with the woman but still has feelings for her. Sad.
- Kevin, Mansfield, CT
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