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REV 22:20



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The song's title refers to the book of Revelation from the Christian bible. REV 22:20 is: "He who testifies to these things says, Yes, I am coming soon." (thanks, Chris - Melbourne, Australia)
Puscifer is a side project of Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan.
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Comments (6):

It's about sex, haveing sex. Sex ovear and over with this one women even if its a sin, "if i gotta sin to see her again," and "to ride to hell between those thighs,". It's not about getting a lady to come to him, its about getting a lady to come... so he can =0
- meg, san antonio, TX
Puscifer made their TV debut on an episode of the HBO original series Mr Show. They played a song about Ronnie Dobbs and the singer gave a very intelligent interview about him.
- Jeff, Austin, TX
If you like this little gem then try out The Undertaker (Renholder remix) it's a cream in your jeans experience!
- Brian, Wurzburg, Germany, IN
In Rev 22.20 I think it's about a guy deeply in love doing anything to get the lady to come to him. The bible says in Revelations 22.20 to spread and testify the word of God, so the guy in love is spreading the word of his love. Though you can see a clear despair when he asks: 'Pray? Till I go Blind?' He's being a bit desperate and starts losing faith and in a deeper way perhaps Maynard is telling his listeners again not to become part of some religion cause no one comes even though you testify and spread the word for them.
- Michael, Heers, Belgium
iwould die and lie tobe back in your bosom look at the thighs a deep hole i fall to my death rock and roll i need a sign what is she waiting for. i would cry to back in her bosom i do go blind she'll make you cry her temples in my chest the sweet taste of success! i sin to see her again pressure will build in my spine totally awesome and tilitaing music. true work of art deep in the shadow of keenan. rock on!
- shadows, eagle, WI
awesome freaking song i had vibrations shooting up my back from listening to this song. the sound and the chorus is great. very deep song. it hits a chord definately. soul and spirit all is one "what is she waiting for" "the pressure and tension is overwhelmingly building, what is she waiting for" devil god women man,atrue keenan piece of work, very ambiguious meaning i love it take it what its worth. confession, trust and life saviors and saints devils and evil freaking rightious man!
- shadows, eagle, WI
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