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Uncle Jonny by The Killers

Album: Sam's TownReleased: 2006
  • This was based on a cocaine-crazed uncle of frontman Brandon Flowers who was convinced that aliens were after his semen, so he tried to shoot his testicles off in the bath. Fortunately, he missed and shot himself in the groin instead. Flowers told The Observer Music Monthly October 2006: "There's a real inspirational feeling by the end of the song, I think. You're pulling for Jonny. That's a good thing, having faith in people."
  • Uncle Jonny is Flowers' mother's brother. The singer told NME: "He's the black sheep of the family. Every couple of years something would happen. He's done everything from shoot himself to drug addictions yet somehow he's ended up alright. He's really a nice guy."

    "He's heard the song," Flowers added, "and he's happy to be immortalized because he's a rocker, he's always got a Zeppelin shirt on."
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Comments: 4

"shockin people when you feel that people"

should be "shockin people when you feel that pull"
Ben - Pensacola, Fl
i think this is my least favourite of the killers songs, the music is as good as ever, theres somethignabout it that repulses me. i wouldnt say the lyrics are boring, but it's kinda wierd and it just doesnt make me feel that kind of vibe that i get from most of their songs :(Paris - Cardiff, United Kingdom
This song has cool guitar riffs but the lyrics are kinda boring.Theresa - Murfreesboro, Tn
Love this song. The guitar riff throughout the songis really catchy. I really like the part where he's talking.Kylie - Ventura, Ca
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